Diary of a Smart Chick

Diary of a Smart Chick is a blog that I started to put together in 2008. I wanted to create a place where I could write about my top twelve areas of expertise – the smart things in the world that I find most interesting to write about.

Originally, my plan was to have incoming news feeds from all of those topic areas which I would discuss in associated blog posts. I also wanted to add a social networking aspect to the site where people also writing about these topics could come together and vote on the best of the best articles that were written here as well as the best headlines that were coming through those news feeds.

What has happened instead is that I’ve found myself content to continue writing in my many normal places across the web (various blogs, HubPages, eHow, etc.) and to read my usual news feeds from my favorite RSS feed sites. And I’ve found that I can have smart discussions about these pieces with people on my existing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) So it turned out that there wasn’t a need for a new blog for more writing and social networking.

However, I have wanted to do something with this blog ever since and I’ve decided that it can be a great place to compile links to all of my writing that I’m doing everywhere else online. I am interested in so many different smart topics that there aren’t too many great places to put together links to all of them (except for my writing website of course). So that’s what this blog is about.

People who are smart and who like to read about smart things will find regularly updated links to what I hope are smart topics across a wide range of different categories. I also plan to post links and information to the many other smart things I’m reading but don’t have time to write about more extensively. Welcome to my new blog – Diary of a Smart Chick!

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