Growing Interest in Google Phones

I’ve been eyeing the development of the Google Android-platform based phones since a few years ago when it was just rumored that there was some sort of Gphone in the works. As time has gone on, we have learned that Google didn’t create its own phone but instead created a platform which can be used to develop a phone. And now those new phones are beginning to be released to the market and I’m intrigued.

The first phone that came out was the G1, a T-mobile phone with smartphone features and a unique design that incorporates both a touchscreen keyboard and a full QWERTY keyboard. Right on the heels of that phone, the same handset maker (HTC) is about to come out with the HTC Magic. Although this phone is also an Android-based phone, the differences in the handset between this and the G1 make it possible to see how one phone platform can be implemented differently because of design.

The HTC Magic is probably only coming out in Europe although rumors indicate a version of it may reach the U.S. at some point later this year. I’m not itching for it to come here or for me to get my hands on it. However, I’m interested in continuing to watch the phones that are developed on this platform. I think there is a lot of potential for something really creative and cool to come out of this situation … I just don’t quite feel like I’m seeing it yet.

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