Innerpreneurs vs. Entrepreneurs

Most of the time I’m not someone who is a fan of newly coined phrases. The reason for this is that I think they’re a trendy way to describe something that already has a name which is totally adequate. However, there are exceptions to this. One exception is the term innerpreneur.

The word innerpreneur is, in some ways, a new word for entrepreneur. However, it describes something that is distinctly different from entrepreneurship and something that doesn’t have another name that I know of. For that reason, I think it’s a word that has value.

An innerpreneur is defined as someone who decides to launch their own business but who is motivated by very specific reasons for doing so. Those reasons have to do with a true desire to start a business that is going to be constantly challenge and to allow for the individual’s own personal growth. The innerpreneur is also interested in creating social change with his or her work. And he or she is uniquely capable of identifying opportunities in society that allow for this to happen.

I think that innerpreneur is a great word to describe a segment of entrepreneurs in today’s society. I also think that the current economy is great for innerpreneurs. We’re in a time when we really need people to be creative and forward thinking in a way that is good for the whole instead of just the individual. Hopefully there are some people out there who will rise to the challenge!

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