SmartChick at the Blog Carnival: Health

Usually when I write about health topics, they are topics related to physical health like with today’s post on boosting the immune system or yesterday’s on fibromyalgia. However, the kind of health that I find truly interesting to explore is mental health. Whether it’s about the development of the brain or the detaisl of specific mental diseases, I find the stuff that goes on in our heads to be truly fascinating.

One type of brain-related article that I wrote about recently was on the topic of eidetic memory (also known as the photographic memory). Did you know that it might not even be a real thing? This post was included over at the HealthBolt blog carnival. Another post in this health carnival that had to do with mental health was on autism,

Most of the posts in this health carnival were in topical areas related to physical health. Those posts were on topics like face yoga, allergies, tooth decay, muscle-building, skin cancer, back pain, fibromyalgia, good posture, and the common cold.

Finally, there were posts specific to diet which is an important part of staying healthy. Those posts included choosing a cookbook, food variety, Monsanto, abstaining from alcohol and general healthy eating. Smart stuff!

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