SmartChick at the Blog Carnival: The Brain

I love blog carnivals of all kinds but, being a SmartChick and all, the ones that I love the most are the ones that are all about smart topics. That’s why I was really happy to contribute to the Brain Blogging blog carnival recently.

The post that I contributed was an article on Eidetic Memory. Also known as photographic memory, this is something that most people know only the basics about and most people don’t realize that it’s actually a pretty controversial topic. Some say that it doesn’t exist at all while others hold those said to have a photographic memory up on a bit of a pedestal. It’s an interesting topic idea.

Mine wasn’t the only interesting article here, though, not by far. The other posts in this blog carnival were on the topics of empathy, moral turpitude, learning, the brains of killers, antidepressants, teen cutting, ADHDself-esteem, humor, sleepwalking through life and increasing your brain power.

Happy smart reading!

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