SF Local Recommends Rocketboat

It’s been unusually sunny and warm here in San Francisco this week. It’s only in the high eighties but that’s close to record-breaking heat here for this time of year. Although I’m from Arizona, I’ve adjusted to the cooler temps in San Francisco and have to admit that it’s hard for me to take an interest in doing much of anything while it’s so hot here. I feel like eating popsicles and being lazy. :)

However, yesterday, I found the perfect activity for this kind of weather. Every time it gets warm here I wish that I owned a boat. Thinking about that I remembered the Rocketboat. It’s touted as “the fastest boat on the bay” and a real adventure ride for tourists. It’s a new thing that’s only been here maybe a year or so and I hadn’t been on it yet. Despite the fact that a lot of tourist stuff here is cheesy, I like to do it all at least once to get the experience of it. So, I decided to go on Rocketboat.

It was totally worth it! It’s a speedboat built for a big crowd of people.  It speeds out into the bay, beneath the Bay Bridge, and skids around a bit to make some waves and splash the riders. Silly fun. The weather was ideal – it wasn’t cold at all out on the water but there was a nice breeze on the fast boat. The skies were clear so I got to see stunning views of the city’s skyline and the two bridges. Beautiful.

I love living in a city where I can wake up in the morning and decide to do something like ride the Rocketboat!

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