5 Areas of ICT That Should Be Greener

Earlier this year I wrote an article on the 10 Greenest Cell Phone Chargers for Dial-a-Phone (a leading UK mobile phone blog). That article was recently mentioned in an article about finding the greenest mobile phones which was published by a company called Vertatique. I always like to check out the articles that cite my own work so I ended up on the Vertatique site and got rather interested in what they do.

The companies tagline is “Green ICT: Sustainable Computing, Media, e-Devices”. I’m always interested in the new emerging green technology so I read some more. What I learned is that ICT (short for¬†Information and Communications Technology) refers to many different ares of business technology that could be greener.

The five core areas discussed in-depth on the Vertatique website are:

  1. Big Business Equipment. This refers to the major technology used by business and may include everything from biomedical technology to computer servers.
  2. Little Business Equipment. Vertatique calls this “edge gear” but basically it refers to all of the small business equipment that you might use such as fax machines and phones.
  3. Tools for Connectivity. There is some crossover here since you use phones and servers to connect with other people but basically this category encompasses all of the services that you use for making those connections.
  4. Buildings. The buildings that you work in are part of the bigger picture of the world of ITC.
  5. Human Behavior. The way that the people in a business behave is another aspect of ITC. The choice that ITC employees make have a big impact on the total eco-consciousness of the business.
Vertatique suggests, and I’d be inclined to agree, that all five areas of business can be made greener. They also go on to point out that being green in business doesn’t mean just engaging in green practices in-house but also going the extra mile and making sure to work with green service providers as much as possible.
Technology and kindness to the earth don’t always go hand-in-hand. We are using up precious resources to make computers and phones and we are littering landfills by failing to recycle electronics the way that we are supposed to. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Green technology is very much alive if you choose to use it.
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