Anatomically Correct Hearts Seem to be the “In” Thing this Valentine’s

I read many, many different types of blogs each day. I read crochet blogs and other craft blogs. I read technology blogs (especially blogs about mobile phones). I read personal finance blogs (especially blogs about frugality). I read “weird news” and “weird science” blogs. And of course since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching all of these different types of blogs have been posting stuff related to Valentine’s Day.

Although all of these blogs are different, I’ve noticed a theme across them this year. The theme is that everyone seems to be interested in anatomically correct hearts as part of their Valentine’s sharing and gift giving this year. What an interesting trend!

Some examples:

Giant Plush Heart featured on Neatorama

Anatomically Correct Crochet Heart by Sarah Louise Burns

Realistic Bleeding Heart Valentine’s Cakes (LaughingSquid)

Anatomically Correct Heart Pendant (Cut Out and Keep)

Do you know of any other examples that fit into this Valentine’s 2011 trend?

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