C is for Crochet

For today’s A-Z Blogging Challenge post I’m going with crochet for the letter C and I’m doing something different – a post with little words and lots of pictures. If you like crochet check out my crochet blog at http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com.

All of the crochet work pictured here is my own:

dsc02993 300x225 C is for Crochet

Made for Scarves for Special Olympics

dsc02989 300x225 C is for Crochet

Squares that will eventually become a blanket

dsc02402 300x225 C is for Crochet

First Blanket I crocheted. Mom has it now.

photo on 2010 12 27 at 1114 300x225 C is for Crochet

Purse made from recycled sweater.

dsc024291 225x300 C is for Crochet

My crochet laundry bag with the old storebought one behind it

Do you crochet?

pinit fg en rect gray 28 C is for Crochet
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