A Bit of The Vegas Experience

Here are some photos of the trip to Vegas that I’ve mentioned a million times this week.

Getting There

We had a super early flight and couldn’t check in yet when we got to Vegas so I was grumpy.

But after I took a nap I was a happier camper.

Inside The Hotels / Casinos

I already showed you all the free things we did at the Bellagio. Here are some other highlights from indoors:

The Pinball Hall of Fame

We went to see this free museum which is off the strip. It is filled with old arcade games, mostly pinball machines. They have index cards on them telling the history of the machine, a bit about the game, info on the artist and game designer, etc. You can get quarters to play the games, which we did. I also played Ms. Pacman, which I excel at, and I beat the high score on the machine. (I had about 112,000.) Woo-hoo.

Out on the Strip

The new City Center buildings are so wacky. :)

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