Free Activity Highlights of the Bellagio

We spent some one of our mornings in Vegas at the Bellagio to check out some of the free things that there are to see there. Of course, everyone knows about the water fountain show, which we actually didn’t get to see because we were there too early (although I’ve seen it in the past) but there are also lots of other free things to see at this Las Vegas hotel right now:

Chihuly in the Lobby

My mom is a big fan of glass artist Chihuly. I have seen his work at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco, the botanical gardens in Phoenix and the lobby of the Bellagio. Here’s what it looks at the Bellagio right now (with my mom and sis):

Chocolate Fountain

One of the chocolate shops in the Bellagio has a 27 foot tall chocolate fountain on display behind glass. Delectable!

Conservatory of Flowers

I’ve seen this free floral exhibit before but only at Christmastime. Right now the display is set up for Chinese New Year and it’s totally different from what I’ve seen before. Beautiful.

Cirque du Soleil Sculpture Display

There’s a great art gallery exhibit right now at the Bellagio called The Art of Richard MacDonald. The artist makes stunningly detailed bronze sculptures inspired by the acrobatics of Cirque Du Soleil shows. I’ll do a full post with lots of pictures later but here’s a sneak peek:

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