My Ideal Vacation

I have dropped hints here and there that my vacation over the past few weeks exhausted me. I tried to remain upbeat because I definitely value the time that I got to spend with my siblings. That’s always a joy. But the truth is that I don’t like vacations. You aren’t supposed to say that. Everyone loves vacations. You aren’t supposed to complain about having extended time away from home. But I love my home. And although I love to see new things, I don’t love traditional vacations.

I Love My Life

I have set up my “real life” in such a way that it really is the life that I want. I love the city where I live. I love the schedule that I keep. I love the work that I do. I love the friends that I have. I’m not saying that I never want to get away but for the most part, I want to be living the life that I’m living. I’ve got no desire to get away from it and miss it when I’m not in it.

My Ideal Vacation

I do want to travel. I want to see other things and other places. I want to spend time with people I know who live in other parts of the world. But the truth is that my ideal vacation is an impossible one. Because what I would love would be able to take a vacation once every month or two but one that only lasts for three days and requires absolutely no travel time. Let me explain.

Travel Problems

I have had more than my fair share of travel problems and it always makes me kind of dread the travel part of a trip. This sounds like an exaggeration but I kid you not … family and friends often wonder if they should book a separate plane from me because I have had so many problems. Like that time a group of us tried to take the normal one hour flight from San Francisco to Vegas and there was a freak snowstorm so we circled over Vegas for awhile and ended up in Phoenix for the night. Doesn’t sound bad? Last year when I was coming back from the East Coast, I went to check on to my plane and was told that the plane didn’t exist. What? I had my boarding information and the confirmation number and the exact info on the plane’s times and everything printed directly from the site but apparently there is no such thing as the flight path that I was booked on; my plane literally did not exist … it took me more than twenty four hours to get home. So, I’d prefer to avoid travel. I’d like to just be able to beam from my home to the spot I want to be in, spend three days there and beam back.

Why Three Days?

I love doing new things. I love seeing art galleries and live performances and various sights. I like walking around in new places and encountering new things. But I don’t like doing it day after day after day. I guess I’m an introvert at heart. People assume I’m extroverted because I’m personable and I do love talking with people but I get my energy from the time I have alone to process and reflect … being with people drains me a little bit at a time and too many days in a row of doing thing after thing after thing makes me cranky. I think it would be ideal to spend about three days in a cool place doing all of the fun things like aquariums and hiking and urban exploring and so on and so forth, then to beam home and have time to process, write about the experience, relax, organize the photos from the trip, etc. And get back to my real life.

Since This Isn’t Possible …

Obviously, this isn’t possible. I can’t beam myself from one place to another. And I’m not going to go to far away places that I want to see (Reykjavik, New Zealand) for only three days because I realize that’s a waste of time and money. I’d rather waste a little energy and have the longer experience. Nevertheless, I wish it were possible and I’ve been thinking a lot about what types of general vacations I prefer that would be more in line with my travel style. Some ideas:

  • Travel to close by places for three days. Weekend trips are fun. I can see flying to San Diego for three days (minus that whole plane travel problem) and enjoying it. If I can get people to meet me for three days in a place then I’d be happy. Actually, I think the Vegas trip I just did for four days with Mom and Sis would have been ideal if it hadn’t fallen right on the heels of so much other travel.
  • Plan downtime. For longer trips, I think I actually need to start planning several days of downtime in a row each week. It’s hard for me to do this because if I’m traveling with someone else then it feels like such a party pooper to say I’m staying in my room alone for three days. But the truth is that I’d be a much happier travel if we did stuff together for three days and then I hid in my room for two or three days and then resumed doing stuff.
So we’ll see. I don’t have any trips planned for the near future. I try to go somewhere for my birthday each April but that may not happen this year. And the next big trip I have planned is just a summer weekend at Yosemite. So it’s a non-issue for the time being. And I did enjoy my trip, despite these gripes. :)
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