Final Day of Cross Blog Conversation With Aprile of The Steady Hand

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s cross-blog conversation with Aprile of The Steady Hand. We’ve been chatting back and forth about travel, restaurants, blogging and more. Today’s the last day!

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My Turn

And now for my last post in the conversation …

Hi Aprile,

I do have to give some credit to Julie Michelle because she not only did terrific photography of me for that project but she also helped me with my makeup. I wear lipstick and eyeshadow but that’s it. I don’t even know how to apply the other stuff. She did me up a little and it was kind of fun.

My trip to Argentina really was fun and it’s neat to get a chance to talk about it again. I went with my best friend (we’ve been friends for more than half our lives) and we took a full two weeks for the trip. We didn’t have a tour guide, just figured out what to do from all the travel sites and from other people who had been there. For the boat trip it’s just your group (the two of us in this case) and then the boat guide who takes you around. The cottage lunch actually was totally romantic and was one of the few things we wished our boyfriend’s could have been there for. :) We went on a guided tour to the ranch where we did horseback riding, took a double decker bus tour to see the city and were part of a tour group that went to a famous tango theater. Everything else we did without a guide. And yes, I bought yarn while I was there. It was a little confusing because I barely speak Spanish plus they do yarn by the weight and I’m used to getting it by yardage but when I figured out just how cheap the yarn was with the exchange rate in my favor I considered it totally worth the language/ math barrier!

I’ll definitely hit you up for Hawaii travel tips when I get the chance to go. Most people have told me that Kauai is the island not to miss. I love four-wheeling as well as horseback riding so it sounds like your tips would be right up my alley!

So Zipcar and City Car Share are two car sharing problems. I actually didn’t realize that other places had them but the other day I was participating in #crochetchat (Wednesday Twitter chat) and someone said they had Zipcar in CT so I guess it’s a lot of places. Anyway, the way that it works is that there are cars parked in lots all over the city. You become a member and you get a card that will unlock the cars. Then when you want to get a car, you just reserve the car you want online for the time that you want it and you go get it during that time. The gas and repairs are taken care of by the company and you have basic rental-style insurance when you drive the cars. It’s a lot cheaper than renting a car and provides a great option for when you may need a car just for a few hours, like to pick something up or drive further than you want to bus. It’s a really cool program.

I’ve taken a few random dance classes here and there. I tried a burlesque classes and didn’t like it at all. I tried hula hoop dancing and really liked it. I’d like to do more but haven’t made the effort. I’d love to know which Cirque show you saw. They’re all so different from each other. When I was in Vegas this last time we went to a free art exhibit of sculptures that were inspired by the Cirque shows and they were just amazing. Photos here. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from the urban circus but they do have a video on YouTube of some of their stuff which I’ll embed here:

Well, thanks again for doing this with me. I didn’t want to ask too many questions this time around since there’s only your one post left to finish it up but feel free to share a random story with us!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with our conversation. Feedback welcome on this whole experience of the cross blog chat!

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