4 Years Later I’m Glad I Switched to Mac … Maybe I Should Switch to iPhone Now

mac 300x300 4 Years Later Im Glad I Switched to Mac ... Maybe I Should Switch to iPhone Now

I’ve been looking back at some of the writing that I did in years past and I came across a series of liveblogging posts that I did when attending Macworld 2008. I had long been a PC person and was just about to become a Mac girl. I quickly gave up my old PCs and got both a Mac laptop and desktop. I’m still using those tools that I bought four years ago and I really haven’t had any problems with my Macs.

Excerpt About Macs

Here’s an excerpt from my pre-event post for that liveblogging series:

“My final reason for holding out on the PC was that the guy who helps me with all of my computer problems knows how to fix almost any PC issue but isn’t familiar with Macs. My brother’s response to this argument was, “you don’t need tech help with Macs because they don’t break”. A week later, I found myself in a bind when my relatively-new PC decided to start burning up on me for no obvious reason. Long story short, I had to quickly buy a new computer. My stubborn self went with a cheap PC that was pre-loaded with Vista. I’ve had nothing but problems ever since and they finally pushed me over the edge. I can’t think of a good reason NOT to switch to Mac.”

I Haven’t Really Had Tech Problems

I have to say that this has proven to be true. I ALWAYS had problems on my PCs … issues with viruses and random weird problems that I didn’t understand and needed other people to help me with. I’d take my PCs into places like the Best Buy tech center all of the time. I haven’t had to take either of my Macs in for help once. I’ve had no problems with viruses. I haven’t had any major issues with updates.

I will say that I’m running into a weird problem these days with Word … my toolbars constantly keep disappearing and I don’t know why. But it’s an old version of Word for Mac and it’s the only real strange issue I’ve had so I’m rolling with it and not complaining too much.

I Admit I Used Cheap PCs

I always used HP computers and other inexpensive brands of computers. I think that might be a contributing reason as to why I had so very many problems with my PCs that I haven’t had with my more expensive Mac. I do wonder if getting a pricier branded PC might have made a difference. I wouldn’t have known what to buy, though.

I Like the Lack of Mac Options

The fact that I wouldn’t have known which expensive PC to buy leads right into this point. There aren’t dozens of different Macs to choose from. They’re all basically the same. And I liked that. Choice is great but sometimes too much choice is overwhelming, especially when you’re buying an item that you don’t know a lot about. I like that Mac offers a good product with limited decisions required to make the purchase.

So Maybe I Should Finally Get an iPhone

I’m going through a different transition these days, trying to decide if I should switch from my HP Smartphone to an iPhone. I held out against getting a smartphone for a super long time. I don’t use my phone much. I’m usually not far from a laptop. And I like tiny little phones. But recently I decided to get my first smartphone. I chose the HP Veery because it super small. It offers basic functionality but nothing special. I wouldn’t ever spend a lot of time on it but it allows me to check email and look up directions as needed, which is nice.

I know from using my iPod and using other people’s iPhones that I like the iPhone. I like how it works. I like it for some of the same reasons I like my Macs. What I don’t like is that it’s so much bigger than my little HP Veer so it doesn’t fit in my small pockets. I don’t really like talking on iPhones either but I’m sure I could get used to it. If I’m going to bother paying for data every month then maybe it would make more sense to upgrade to an iPhone with the greater functionality. So tough to decide … But it helps to know taht four years ago I was hesitating about going with Mac and I’ve only been glad that I did.

Are you a Mac or a PC person? Why?

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 @carolmckayau I actually don't really like the Swype feature personally. I think it's a great thing for many people but it feels awkward to me. I rarely use shortcut stuff anyway though ... I always turn off my text predictors and that kind of thing.


I'm pretty sure for me if I were to change to a different phone it would be an iPhone. If only they'd make it a third of the size it is now like my little Veer is :)