Best of the Blog Week (Link Love)

When I first started working as a professional blogger it was really common for blogs to include a weekly “link love” roundup. It’s a great way to share your interests with other people, support the bloggers you love and create a collection on the blog of some of the content that has interested you most over time. It’s not as common to see link love on blogs anymore as it was five years ago but I really find it valuable. It’s something I always do on my crochet blog and have just started doing on my newly-launched writing blog. I thought it would make sense to establish the routine of doing it here as well.

San Francisco 1906 and 2012: a set of amazing composite images by photographer Shawn Clover via Weburbanist

People with good memories have OCD tendencies. I have a terrible memory so I’m always interested by people who have super good memories. This NPR article is about people with great memories who got brain scans that had some interesting results!

Researcher who made headlines with vidoe game studies has never played video games. I thought that was so interesting to find out from this interview with developmental psychologist Daphne Maurer!

I picture myself in a parallel life where I live in a huge open loft space and have a swing table like this one, featured this week on Trendir


The Creativity of the Wandering Mind says “Mindless tasks that allow our thoughts to roam can be catalysts for innovation.” I agree; the mindless repetition in crochet that allows for healing and creativity was the premise for my book, Crochet Saved My Life.

Walkable Urbanism is the Future. This article says DC is the perfect model for the walking-centric cities of the future. I so hope that walking / urbanism becomes increasingly popular. I know I love living in a city where I can walk almost everywhere.


So, here you have it, some of my very favorite posts from around the web this week. I hope you enjoy them!

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