Sister’s Drawings of Dad

I have been talking a lot about my recent trip back to my hometown of Tucson. Have I mentioned that the whole reason I went back at this time was because it was my dad’s birthday? We did a big surprise party for him the day after his birthday but on the actual day we just did a small family dinner and cake at the house. That day my dad had come across a collection of drawings that my sister had done and we looked through them.

My sister is a dabbler in many different creative arts … she has been known to crochet with me, she took a welding class in high school, she spent a summer in San Francisco taking sculpture and other art classes … She has been drawing since she was young and has taken a few classes over the years. She doesn’t practice it often but it’s something she’s kept coming back to over the years.

Her favorite subject is my dad. She started drawing him when she was a little kid and has done various versions over the years. In fact, anytime she tries to draw a portrait of someone else they kind of come out looking like my dad because she’s drawn him so much for practice! We had a great time looking at those old drawings and I thought I’d share them here.

They are in no particular order … can you guess which one she drew most this year and which was her earliest one drawn as a child?


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