This Week’s Link Love for Smart, Creative Posts

There are always so many inspiring things that I see and read about in blogs each week. Here were some of my favorites from this week’s web. If you missed them, I think they’re worth checking out!


SF Girl By Bay shared this video portrait with balloon troop master Jihan Zencirli from Geronimo Balloons.

Creative Jewish Mom shares her visit to Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Mila


I feel so awed and inspired by the design of this staircase shaped like a rollercoaster. Via Weburbanist. Super cool.

Trendir shared beautiful Glamour Furniture Designs by Carpanelli

2Modern shared this supercool tent called Portaledge that can basically be pitched anywhere, from trees to the sides of cliffs.


“Not only does Mitani fold these mathematical origami objects himself, he also designs computer software to come up with the shapes,” explains WebUrbanist.

Castaway Collection’s interview with Melissa Morrissey Photography

Cozy Lives

Roots and Feathers shared a series of Instagram photos. They’re all beautiful and I’d encourage you to click over and check them out. I chose the one above as my favorite from the collection, perhaps because I was wishing all summer that I could magically have a yard with a hammock in it!

Style Files shared a roundup of cozy knits for the home


Smile and Wave showed us Kings Canyon National Park, with beautiful photos that make me want to go check out the terrific trees there!  It would be a possibility for me since it’s here in California.

Smart Stuff

“Above is Professor Helen Storey, a London-based fashion designer, with her eco-cleaning jeans that purify the air as you wear them. Yes, her jeans which she’s been testing for 2 years claim to clean the air of nitrogen dioxide, a harmful air pollutant,” explains OMG Heart in this article.

Who’s Cooking Dinner: The Changing Female Brain is a fascinating article about the way that women’s brains change over time and how hormonally we are more likely to concern ourselves with our own pleasure over others’ as we get older. The article is by  on The Change Blog.

Truth Bomb: What is grass-fed, free range, organic, & all that jazz? Via Limitless 365, photo by Dino Abatzidis via Compfight

And More

Thankfulness + Mindfulness. I love the first part of this Depression Getaway article on the intersection between mindfulness and gratitude.

Have a terrific rest of your weekend and happy, happy reading!

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