Enjoying the Pacific Ocean

Up until the time that I moved to San Francisco seven years ago it was always a magical experience to see the ocean. I lived in Arizona where flash floods were the only bodies of water I saw on a semi-regular basis. Each time I’d visit the ocean I’d be awed by the view of all of that water. I do still love the view and can definitely still see the beauty sometimes but the magic and awe has been swept away a little bit over time since I get a chance to see the water almost every day here.

The funny thing is, I actually don’t visit the ocean here all that much at all. It’s usually windy and cold. I certainly don’t go in the water here because it’s freezing. If I go out on the water it’s usually on a ferry in the bay. So when I go to Southern California, I usually get a treat out of visiting the beach because even though it’s technically the same ocean it feels warmer and just beachier there.

Mom on the boat

During my most recent trip to Los Angeles my mom and my brother and I were going to go kayaking but ended up renting a power boat at the last minute instead. I like kayaking and was feeling pretty active that day but when I saw the power boat I mentioned it would be nice to just chill out on the water, too, and my mom and brother were all for that. It was probably a good thing because my brother got a tiny bit motion sick from the boat and probably would have gotten far more sick in a kayak. So we’ll have to kayak another time but that’s okay because the hour-ish we spent racing through the water in our boat was amazing.

It’s absolutely a personal goal of mine to reach a level of financial success that will allow me to spend a portion of the summers in Southern California in a rented home with a boat I can go out on regularly. I love being out on the water in the sunshine and I had a great time there (although if I were to get a summer home I’d be more likely to opt for the San Diego area than LA).

My brother and I also actually went down to the beach and played in the waves as well. I hadn’t gone into ocean water in quite some time and I hadn’t gone all the way under and actually swam in that water in years and years. It was so fun. It was definitely chilly at first. And it was hard to get used to getting knocked over by the waves. But once I did we really just played for awhile and had such a great time. Loved it. A very Southern California kind of vacation day.

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I grew up in Florida-- on the water-- so I can relate to not minding it as much when you see it everyday.  But then I moved away 22 years ago-- and I miss it dearly.   I do go back and visit, but not often enough. 


Cheers, Jenn

CrochetBlogger moderator

 @jennsonthego I can totally understand that. I feel that way about the mountains whenever I go back to Tucson and see how amazing they are even though I took them forgranted when I lived there. Other things I miss there are the stunning sunsets and shocking lightning storms!