Link Love for the Smartest, Most Creative Posts of the Week

There are always so many inspiring things that I see and read about in blogs each week. Here were some of my favorites from this week’s web. If you missed them, I think they’re worth checking out!

Art, Creativity, Design

“Threads and glue replace joints and screws in the furniture that emerges from a custom-made machine designed by Royal College of Art graduate Anton Alvarez” explains Dezeen. There’s a video here.

Love the idea of wallpaper-style paint rollers. Via Weburbanist.

Creative Jewish Mom shares all about Park Guell. “Park Guell is one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces, built between 1900 to 1912”.


BellasCountry shared a trip to Devon in beautiful photographic detail.

Pammy Sue shared videos and photos of her trip on the Durango train in Colorado.

Outstanding Crochet shared beautiful autumn photos of hiking at Tohickon Valley Park, PA.

Jordana Paige shares a craft lovers’ trip to Moab, Utah

Smart Stuff

Study suggests link between Vitamin D deficiency and dementia. Via Brain Blogger.

The Psychology of Tetris. A BBC article by Tom Stafford about: “How the secret to the popular game’s success is that it takes advantage of the mind’s basic pleasure in tidying up and uses it against us.”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Memory. Via PsyBlog.

Positive Psychology News says, “If you’ve ever struggled to explain positive psychology to a friend or colleague, you are ready to appreciate this short animation by Nick Standlea, a former research associate for Mike Csikszentmihalyi at the Quality of Life Research Center. It’s food for the eyes and ears.”

Strange but Cool

San Francisco artist Phil Ross is making completely biodegradable furniture grown from fungi. Via The Bold Italic.

Oliver Sacks, author of so many interesting books, shares his own experience with hallucinations with writer Kerri Smith who interviewed him about his new book also called Hallucinations.

And Other Things

Can you be a therapist to your depressed partner? Really loved this article about how a personal relationship differs from a counseling relationship and what it means for people who love someone who is depressed. By John Folk-Williams of Storied Mind.

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Pammy Sue
Pammy Sue

Thank you for the link and the notification through Ravelry!  Such a nice surprise for me.  :)


Thank you for including my post in your links..I am very honoured.

I love the wallpaper roller!

I will check out the article about the depressed partner as i have experience of this.

Have a good weekend.

Bellaboo  :0)

CrochetBlogger moderator

 @cillasteve Depression is such a tough thing for both individuals and relationships. Definitely wish you the best in navigating that situation. Thanks for your lovely comment!