San Francisco Parks on My To-Visit List

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is that there are thousands of things to see here. I’m going on seven years living here and my “to see” list is just as long as it was when I first moved here. I do lots of things and see lots of things but there is just always more to see and do here. Around every corner is a surprise, a sight, an attraction, a piece of history.

One of the lists I keep going is a list of parks in the city to visit. In addition to the major attraction of Golden Gate Park and the always-sunny, event filled fun of Dolores Park we have all of these great tiny city parks, parks that may only take up a block but offer a terrific view, a friendly neighborhood, a cool tree or something else to see.

I was reminded of this recently because I was going through my computer bookmarks and saw that I’d saved a Curbed SF article on 13 small San Francisco parks. It reminded me that I wanted to look at my own list of parks and make sure to get to some soon.

Allyne Park, image via ParkScan

From the Curbed SF article the park I most want to visit is Allyne Park. It’s a good walking distance from where I live. It is next to the historic McElroy Octagon House, which would allow me to see a second site I don’t think I’ve ever paid any attention to before. And it sounds cute.

Tank Hill Park, image via BCX

The other park that really intrigued me on this list, which I’d never heard of, was Tank Hill Park. It looks like it has great views and a challenging staircase to climb, both things worth checking out in my opinion. I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to this park before so it’s on my list now.

Seward Slides, image via FoundSF

One park that’s not on the Curbed SF list but is on my own personal list is the Seward Mini Park. That’s because it’s home to the Seward Street Slides, which I want to slide down at some point in my San Francisco life. It just sounds like a silly fun thing to do, the kind of silly fun thing that this city is really all about. Apparently the park also includes a community garden with native plants so I really want to do that.

San Francisco Rec and Parks offers and interactive map featuring all of the city’s parks and mini-parks, which I also use to find other parks I might want to check out in areas near where I may be at any given time.

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