Annual Gingerbread House Making Party

Many moons ago my beautiful friend Lyndi invited me and the foster kids I had at the time to come to her annual gingerbread house making party. I borrowed this tradition and brought it with me to San Francisco when I moved here. Each year I invite people over to my home where we combine graham crackers, frosting and colorful candy into creations of all kinds.

It is always fun to see who comes and what they make. Many people have surprised me over the years with truly beautiful homes and candy buildings. In past years we had a San Francisco Victorian, a yurt, a dolphin habitat, a nuclear submarine, a set of projects complete with gummy bear gunfights … and of course lots of houses of varying sizes and styles. We’ve also had many laughs, lots of yummy eats and drinks and created beautiful memories. It’s something I look forward to every year and always enjoy.

Here were some of the creations from this year’s gathering:

This one is an aerial view of my creation. I’ve learned over the years that I have no ability to create structurally sound graham cracker houses so I have to think small. What I made here is a two-unit live-work space with living roofs, a community garden and a heart-shaped meditation pond surrounded by meditating gummy bears.

This one is a gingerbread home with a sunroof. From a certain angle those peach gummy wreaths on the side look like wheels so we decided this one could also be a mobile Christmas home. We had a discussion about food trucks and mobile retail businesses; maybe this is the mobile Christmas cheer truck!

There was only one child at this year’s gathering and he delighted all of us. He made this house with his mom and when he was adding those cars (or pathway?) around the house he let us know that it was a party at his place. The pictures I got were kind of fuzzy but those Japanese candy trees that are on the rooftop were a big hit this year.

This home caved in a few times but the builder got the job done in the end!

This pink gingerbread home was influenced in part by watching Extreme Homes

In recent years we have taken to naming the best house of the year in a very unofficial process. In an effort to get creativity points, we got a gingerbread TARDIS this year.

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