Yarnbombing Los Angeles Donation

yarnbombing donation Yarnbombing Los Angeles Donation

When I read the book about a year or two ago I quickly fell in love with the idea of becoming a guerilla crocheter with my own local crew.  I imagined different scenarios of places to yarnbomb. I tried to come up with a cool gangsta chic name for myself. (Sistah Stashbuster is about the best I came up with.)

I do think it’s kind of awesome that groups are doing this, particularly groups of girls who were originally putting a spin on the male graffiti art world with their knit and crochet style. Ultimately, though, I decided that being a yarnbomber wasn’t for me. I love the idea of a crew more than I think I’d actually enjoy sneaking out into the night to yarnbomb places. Besides, yarnbombing is getting more attention now than it was a few years ago and has changed since its earlier days. It is now often more of a public art display than a guerilla act.

Which actually is how I ended up becoming a yarnbomber, sort of, in the end. Yarnbombing Los Angeles is currently seeking donations of crochet granny squares in certain colors for a public art installation. They’re going to cover the front of a craft museum using donated squares. I recently sent in a donation of 30+ crocheted squares. I love that I get to be a small part of this cool project and that I get to live out a small part of my yarnbombing dreams in the process.

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