National AIDS Memorial Grove and AIDS Documentaries

When my sister was here we went to Golden Gate Park and one of the things we saw while we were there was the National AIDS Memorial Grove. I actually hadn’t visited before even though I’ve been to the park many times. It’s a HUGE park and there’s tons to see there. The grove is a really magical space, though, with beautiful plants and water features, so I’m glad I finally checked it out.

About the Memorial Grove

From the National AIDS Memorial Grove website:

“The National AIDS Memorial Grove, located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, is a dedicated space in the national landscape where millions of Americans touched directly or indirectly by AIDS can gather to heal, hope, and remember. For all the promising prospects on the horizon, AIDS continues to invade our lives, violate our past, and rob us of our comfortable assumptions about the future. The sacred ground of this living memorial honors all who have confronted this tragic pandemic both those who have died and those who have shared their struggle, kept the vigils, and supported each other during the final hours.”

Photos from National AIDS Memorial Grove

aids memorial san francisco






AIDS Documentaries

In sort-of-related news, I’ve seen a couple of good documentaries lately about HIV/ AIDS. I already told you about When We Were Here, which I definitely recommend. The other one I saw recently was called How to Survive a Plague and is a documentary about ACT UP, the grassroots organization that strived to get medical care for people with HIV/AIDS starting in the 1980s. Powerful stuff!

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