Nature in the East Bay

Usually when I go hiking in the Bay Area I go to the North Bay or somewhere else along the coast. I love the lushness of the plant life there and also love the views of the ocean on those hikes. However, I have been hiking in the East Bay a few times, which has a completely different feel to the nature. It is drier, yellower, flatter … Not in all parts, of course, but so far that’s been my experience of East Bay hikes compared to North Bay hikes in general.

east bay plains

east bay pond

hiking trail

red bark tree

tree in plains



yellow trees

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These pictures are great...  You seem to know some good forest areas, and I wondered if I could ask you for a little help:

I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow and am looking for an area of trees in the east bay that have a bare/skeletal look to them... Similar to the 5th photo down from the top. Or else somewhere where there has recently been a fire, do you know of any areas like this? Just somewhere where the trees aren't super leafy and green. And somewhere fairly close to a road, as we have some props that we can't really hike very far in with!

Thank you, and keep up the hiking:)

-- Grace