Smart and Creative Posts (Link Love!)

favorite posts

Of all of the diverse blog posts I read in the past two weeks, these are the ones I thought you should make sure not to miss:

Strange, But Fascinating

mens knitwear

Business Insider shared a fashion week roundup of the over-the-top mens’ knitwear from SIBLING

People and Relationships

Why you never truly leave high school: new science on its corrosive, traumatizing effects. Interesting article from NY Mag.

Stop Over-Parenting and Let Your Kids Play! I so agree!

Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project is doing a series of posts called the 21 Day Relationship Challenge that offer great tips for improving your relationship.

Saw the link to this PBS video on Positive Sharing, which talked about the 100 year old woman who is still happy working at the factory featured in the video, a place where the average worker is 74 years old.

Travel and Places

SF Girl By Bay shows us an “out of Africa” home by Eszter and explains “eszter’s sidai designs is non-profit organization supporting maasai women by collaborating with them to create and market beaded jewelry based in traditional beading techniques that are infused with modern aesthetics”

mountain monastery

Weburbanist did an amazing roundup of mountaintop monasteries

new zealand ship

Paisley Jade shared some road trip experiences from Dargaville, New Zealand

Art, Design, Creativity

The Bold Italic introduced me to a new video podcast. They say: “Working Title is an awesome new video podcast presented by Little Paper Planes & KQED. This series of mini-documentaries is the brain child of hosts, Kelly Lynn Jones of LPP and Andrew Martin Scott, co-owner of Needles and Pens. The show combines interviews, essays, articles, and thoughts from the hosts to tell the stories of local artists.”

knitting book

Whipup reviewed a book called Wearwithall, saying to start: “Wearwithall is a knitting book with a difference. Not only does it contain thirteen gorgeous items to knit and inspire it is a rarity in that it is written collaboratively by five knitwear designers. These designers are friends and colleagues that have their base at The Yarnery. The Yarnery being a well known knitting haven in Saint Paul, Minnesota and judging by this first book, home to some seriously creative types.”

word of the year

@sisterdiane of CraftyPod has a guest post on Whimseybox that’s a cute DIY tutorial for an embossed word-of-the-year magnet.

small zine

At Swim-Two-Birds shared a favorite little zine called Busho Ikebana.

Weburbanist shared about this project: “Bolder and more dynamic than a two-dimensional poster, this 3D papercraft project by Xavier Barrade from the design firm FOAM promotes the song ‘Horses’ by UK-based band Dry the River.”

flower bloom chair

Trendir shared the Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom chair

embroidered portraits

Embroidered Portraits. Stunning work from Cacye Zavaglia. Via Design Milk.

12 Killer Places to Find Vintage Items. Nice inspiration post from Handmadeology.

Mental Health and the Brain

Which comes first: counseling or sign language? An interesting post from the American Counseling Assocation blog. I’d like to learn sign language someday and am definitely curious about how it plays out in therapy.

Learning and Memory May Play a Role in Synesthesia. So fascinated by this condition and the role of the brain in it. Via Association for Psychological Science.

Broca’s Area. “A patient who could only say the word ‘tan’ after suffering brain damage became one of the most important cases in the history of neuroscience. But the identity of the famously monosyllabic man has only just been revealed.” Learn more from Mind Hacks.

The Importance of Complete and Total Mental Breakdown. This is a great article from @_thechangeblog about how sometimes you just have to stop in your tracks, break down completely and reshape your thinking.


Macworld is changing into more of a mobile consumer lifestyle show than just an industry trade event. Interesting to see … I was a Macworld live blogger several years ago.

Other Smart Stuff

“Sam Jacob describes the way that sites like Dezeen have unleashed a “design tsunami” and discusses how “the endless spewing of design imagery” is affecting design culture.” Seriously amazing smart post.

The Ultimate Lifehack Guide to Your New Year. Lifehack has rounded up tons of great article links to help inspire you on self-improvement in 2013.

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Don’t forget to check out the writing/blogging link love roundup over at and the crochet posts link love roundup at today.

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