Some of the Pets I’ve Taken Care Of

My brother’s dog

I always had pets growing up. The first time in my life that I didn’t have pets was when I moved here to San Francisco. It wasn’t until after I was without them for a little while that I realized what hard work it really is to take care of them! In recent years I’ve started petsitting occasionally for people here in the city. It gives me the chance to get my pet fix without actually having pets of my own, which is good since my apartment doesn’t allow pets of any kind.

My mom’s dog

Petsitting can be a huge responsibility. I always try to give the animals at least as much love and attention as they’d normally get in their homes. Plus of course I make sure to get them fed, walked, meds and whatever else they need. I’ve never had to deal with any pet emergencies but I’m always prepared to do that if need be.

My sister’s cat, after a fight!

Petsitting is actually something of a family business these days. My brother used to own a doggie daycare in LA and then he gave that up but in the last year has started petsitting through other agencies down there. My mom retired from the post office a few years back and shortly thereafter picked up a post-retirement job petsitting in Arizona. And I do petsitting throughout San Francisco.

Here are some of the pets that I’ve taken care of recently:


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what a wonderful way to  get your pet fill and still help others. I think pet  sitting is a  growing business  everywhere these days and what a wonderful  thing it is. i hated when my neighbor would  put  2 weeks worth of food out for his cat and expect it to last  then put her out in the cold, last time he did it he never came back for her as he chose to move down to where he had been vacationing.   being a pet lover myself  we  took the poor thing in and made him sign a release  of ownership, i told him i would have been glad to take care of her  but he just  left her out in the cold. soooo glad your   furry friends have you  kathryn       hugs   vicki


Aaawww, they are ALL so lovely! You can certainly see the different personalities shining through in those photos :)


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