The Man-Boy: A Partially True Story

man boy optical illusion

Man-Boy Optical Illusion (source)


Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a normal place and a normal time. Every day he walked along the same path and every day everything was fine. He was happy because he was where he was supposed to be.

But then one day he was walking along the path and the world began to spin. He was transported to a magical place where everything was different including himself. In this strange new land, he was no longer a boy; he was a man. He walked new paths. He saw many strange and amazing creatures. There were difficulties along this journey but he traversed his new paths and everything was fine because he was where he was supposed to be.

One day the man was walking along this path and he saw a boy who was very upset. The man was very worried about the boy and hated to see him in such distress. The boy said he was lost. He had just come to this new land and he was very scared. Luckily, the man knew the solution. He told the boy that the problem was that he was not where he was supposed to be. He told him that he would send him home if the boy would always remember that it was his job to make sure from then on that he always found the right place and time that he was supposed to be in. The boy said that he would remember and the man sent him on his way.

The man continued walking along the path when the world began to spin. All of a sudden, he found himself back in his first home. It was a normal place and a normal time. But this time, he was not happy. He was not a boy and he was not a man. He walked the same path he had walked as a boy but he was often confused as he walked. He had a nagging feeling that it was his job to find a different place and time where he fit better but he did not know how to do this.

He remembered that he was happy as a man so he found the men in this home and he tried to live with them. But he was no longer a man so he was not happy. Then he remembered way back to when he was a boy and that he was happy as a boy so he found the boys in this land and he tried to live like they lived. It did not work because he was not a boy.

Then he thought, “maybe the answer is not with males, maybe it is with females.” He went and lived with the girls. He had many fun times and sometimes he was happy. But often the girls didn’t understand him because he was not like the boys they knew. Then he went and lived with the women. Sometimes he was happy but they didn’t always accept him because he wasn’t like the men they knew. No place was quite right for him and he always had in the back of his mind that he needed to find the right place.

He decided that maybe he would just have to be alone. He set out to walk on the same path every day by himself. One day as he was walking, the world began to spin. He was suddenly transported to a magical place. When he arrived, the place seemed familiar. He recognized the strange and amazing creatures. But everything seemed bigger and newer and a little bit stranger and then when he looked at himself he realized this was because he was a boy again. He sat in wonderment and stared at all of the beauty around him.

He was still sitting in awe when a man approached him on the path. The man smiled because he was so happy to see how happy the boy was to be in this place. The boy thought that the man looked very familiar. Then the boy realized that the man was him. It was only when he became a boy again that he could be a man. And now he had the secret because once the man became the boy and the boy became the man, he had a key that would allow him to carry the right place and the right time with him wherever he went. Now he could live with boys or with men, with women or with girls, and no matter where he lived it would always be the right place and time. From then on he could live happily ever after anywhere he ended up.


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