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link love

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

Creative Carmelina (@crea8ivegirl) smartly said:

“Your mission today, should you choose to accept it….is simple. Be HAPPY. Happiness is a state of mind, it is a feeling we can embrace whether we are rich or poor, it is a feeling that should not be contingent on our life circumstances, but rather….. it is an inner peace that flows through us.”

Strange but Special

Pope Benedict XVI

Why San Francisco Should Care About the Pope Resigning via @thebolditalic

Travel and Places

green space

@weburb explains: “Altering most of today’s cities to eliminate cars altogether would be a daunting, if not impossible, proposition – which is why China is starting from scratch. Great City will be built around a high-rise core housing 80,000 people, entirely walkable, and surrounded by green space.”

salt lake city coffee shop

GrassRootsModern (@grassrootsmod) says: “One of my favorite places to get coffee in Salt Lake City is Nobrow Coffee and Tea. Not only is Joe the owner a total coffee nerd, he happens to be a design nerd too.”

sea of galilee

@creativejmom shared about Visiting The Jordan River and The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Unusual Life says: “Chock full of spell kits and Chakra oils, candles, Rosary beads and santos, plus herbal remedies, statuary and perfumes, this little shop tucked into a strip mall in Burien, 10 miles South of Seattle is sure to please and surprise anyone wanting to bring good luck into their life.”

Top 10 Happiest Cities in the World. Doesn’t surprise me at all that San Francisco is the only city on the list. Via @cjmcginnis

Beautiful Spaces

book space

@thestylefiles shared a great roundup of books in home spaces

furniture home

These graphic shapes on the wall can be pulled outwards to form a clothes rail and occasional table. Via @dezeen.

colorful tile

“Here’s a cool new twist on tile – Flaster colored concrete tile from Ivanka Concrete Works will brighten up any home,” says Trendir.

Art, Design, Creativity

new print magazine uk

@2modern shares: “The new UK food and travel quarterly magazine, Cereal, has set for itself the lofty goal “of making something timeless, by crafting and curating a tactile experience.” And, to that end, its 140 pages of ad-free recipes, interviews and “detailed expositions” showcase a gorgeously decadent expanse of white space, meticulously crafted copy and the kind of ravishing food photography that sends culinary duffers (like me) on a mad quest for ingredients with names they can’t pronounce.”

colorful wallpaper mural

@kristinnicholas collaborated with @CasartCoverings to turn her mural into beautiful, colorful wallpaper

30 Architecture Documentaries to Watch in 2013. Great roundup! Via @archdaily

@molliemakes asnwered tons of FAQ in a post about Gathered, the digital magazine app


imadeface app

Why You’re IMadeFace is Hotter than You. Is anyone using this new app? via @thebolditalic

Other Smart Stuff

memoir friends

Book review by Kim Werker (@kpwerker) of memoir Saturday Night Widows, by Becky Aikman.

gravenstein applies

@foxslane shared an array of super beautiful photos from her Gravenstein apple orchard picking

Am I Depressed or Just a Stressed Out Mom? Really smart article about understanding the differences in yourself written by @jdhonestmom

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Link love is featured here every Saturday so come back next week for more!

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