Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

link love

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

“Like an outlaw moon, eventually captured by the mass and magnetism of that which it orbits, Love is drawn to the place where it belongs.” – SR Atchley shared this in a beautiful post meditating on the nature and purpose of love. Via @RebelleTweet

Strange but Special

Mental Health and The Brain

Can you Rehabilitate a Stalker? “A forensic psychiatrist has opened a clinic where stalkers confront their dangerous delusions.” Via @guardian

Reconstructing the Past: How Recalling Memories Alters Them. Stunning research and information into the way memories change as we go through time. Via @psyblog

Travel and Places

san francisco neighborhoods

Detailed opinion article about gentrification and homogenization in San Francisco via @thebolditalic

australia lake

Ungardened Moments shared several beautiful photos of a day at Baandee Lake in Western Australia

nature photography

Andamento shared many beautiful photos from a morning bike ride although I’m not sure of the exact location; it’s worth the click-throughs to see all of the great shots!

san diego whale watching

Whale Watching in San Diego. A @visually infographic on a fun activity in a beautiful part of California.


Danielle Thompson shares all about Pioneertown with us. Tons of great photos in this post.

Beautiful Spaces

greek home

@thestylefiles shares some updated photos of the interior of a gorgeous house in Mykonos, Greece.

beautiful spaces

@RachelDenbow of Smile and Wave shared photos of her beautiful living room and had an interview about that space on A Beautiful Mess.

japanese home

@weburb says: “Modern architects preserve the traditions of Japanese residential architecture while meeting 21st century needs in these 12 strikingly well-balanced homes.”

Art, Design, Creativity

spring fashion

Emma Lamb shares Orla Kiely’s (@orla_kiely) Spring 2013 Lookbook

smoking art

Dezeen explains: “Croatian design studio Brigada was inspired by cigarettes and smoke rings to create glowing cylindrical rooms for an exhibition about the culture of smoking”

hypercollage photography

I usually try not to link to the same blog too many times in one week but I just have to say that I was also infatuated with Dezeen’s article about the hyper-collage photography of artist Jim Kanzanjian.

Keith Haring's Berlin Wall Mural

Lost Art: Keith Haring Mural on Germany’s Berlin Wall. “Nothing now remains of Haring’s mural beyond people’s memories and photographs. But the artist was not distressed by the impermanence of this and other works.”

material world craft book

@molliemakes says in a review of this book: “@PerriLewis was once described on Twitter as “…what you’d get if the WI was run by MacGyver.” She’s one quarter of the @KnitTheCity guerrilla craft group, a journalist and regular contributor to Mollie Makes. So, as you’d expect, her first book Material World is a rebellious sort of endeavour – very different to the usual craft fare.”

3d films

20 Must-Watch Artist Documentaries, From Basquiat to Bas Jan Ader. This great post includes video clips for sneak peeks. Via @artinfodotcom.


apple slap bracelet

Apple has applied for a patent for a slap bracelet with a video display that could be a blueprint for its much-anticipated “iWatch” concept. Via @dezeen

Other Smart Stuff

What You Can Be, You Must Be. So true, this Deva Coaching (@sandiamorim) article looks at what this means and how to achieve it through the lens of quotes by the smart Abraham Maslow.

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Link love is featured here every Saturday so come back next week for more!

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