Arts and Smarts (This Week’s Link Love)

link love1 Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Of all of the diverse blog posts I read in this week, these are the ones I thought you should make sure not to miss:

People and Relationships

How to Stop Living for Someone Else and Start Living for Yourself. Via Limitless 365.

10 Steps Toward True Forgiveness. Via @ollinmorales

Travel and Places

underwater hotel Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Submergible underwater hotel in Dubai, via Weburbanist; reminds me of an article I once wrote on the best underwater jobs

Beautiful Spaces

red house Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Teacup Lane did a cute roundup of ideas for adding red color to your home

creative space Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Kate Broughton shows us around her studio where she uses practical, retro items to create simple, innocent designs. Via Mollie Makes.

Art, Design, Creativity

Futuristic Fashion Ara Jo Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Loved the Weburbanist roundup on futuristic fashions.

eco friendly brand Arts and Smarts (This Weeks Link Love)

Emma Lamb shares info on the eco-friendly business label Cozy Memories

Mental Health and the Brain

Some thoughts on Slow Living by Kathreen of @whipup

Can You Will Yourself Happier? Thoughts on some research by BPS.

6 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood. Inspiration from Pick the Brain.

How to Reflect the Energy Within. Via Deva Coaching.

5 Ways to Change your Mind About Your Body. Via The Change Blog.


Best iPhone Games for Long Flights via Not Martha

Wired Interviewed Gabriella Coleman about the Three Years She Spent Living Among Hackers.

Other Smart Stuff

Going Home. Just a really beautiful, well-written post over on The Courageous Creative.

There’s No Place Like a Stranger’s Floor. A BioStories post that is rich in imagery.

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Link love is featured here every Saturday so come back next week for more!

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