January: Blogged

Are you new to this blog? Did you miss some of January’s posts? Here’s the recap of what I wrote on Diary of a Smart Chick in January.

My Thoughts

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It’s Always The Things You Least Expect

Diving Fearlessly Into the New Year

My 2013 Intention

My Art

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My book at SFPL

Wordless Image

Recent Small Collages

Photos of My Dangerous Life

The Art of Others

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Upcoming ArtHouse Co-Op Projects

Sweet Graffiti

DeYoung Museum Art

Nick Cave Soundsuit

Lower Haight Murals

Beach Chalet Murals


Image of Cover for Crochet Saved My Life 208x300 January: Blogged

Sullivans Romance Book Series and Guest Post by Author Bella Andre

Interview with Author Melissa McPhail

Reading: I Don’t Care About Your Band

Beautiful Nature

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Nature in the San Francisco East Bay

Alamere Falls, California

Sutro Ruins, San Francisco

Life in San Francisco

DSC 5081 300x201 January: Blogged

Chinatown Tea Tasting

Th!nkwalks Tour

National AIDS Memorial Grove

The Wonder of Camera Obscura

Bison in Golden Gate Park

Food and Drink

soju candy cocktail 201x300 January: Blogged

A Quick History of Sushi

Quinoa for Breakfast

Recent Eats and Drinks

And Other Things

leelu 300x255 January: Blogged

The Man-Boy: A Partially True Story

Pets I’ve Cared For

As a reader is there anything you’d like to see more of on this blog?

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