My Work Space in a Community Art Project

I’ve mentioned previously that I enjoy participating in the community art projects that are hosted by Art House Co-Op / The Sketchbook Project. I recently participated in one where more than 600 of us submitted images of our work spaces.

About This Community Art Project

encyclopedia of work spaces

From their description of the project:

“We remember those weighty volumes, spines all aligned on the shelf to complete the set from A-Z. Inside you could learn about people, things, and places from all corners of the world. Each entry in the Encyclopedia of Series is collection of images on a given subject. This is a visual encyclopedia of where the world goes to work.”

Crochet Corner

crochet work space

I shared the crochet-covered relaxation corner in my room. It’s a comfortable space for reading, journaling, organizing papers and of course crocheting.

Other People’s Work Spaces

I loved seeing the work spaces that other people decided to share for this project! A few of my favorites:

work spaces art project

work spaces art project

work spaces art project

work spaces art project

work spaces art project

See everyone’s work spaces on Flickr or on The Sketchbook Project website.

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