Mysteries: The Conditioner in Home Hair Dye


So this is just a random odd thought but it is one that I have every single time that I dye my hair at home so I’m just going to put it out there … Why is it that the hair conditioner that comes in those bottles of hair dye is absolutely amazing and yet you can’t buy that same hair conditioner anywhere?

Dyeing My Hair

I started dyeing my own hair using the boxed hair dye when I was about 18. I’ve dyed it various shades of red, black, blonde and blue. My favorite color is called Chocolate Cherry; it’s a dark auburn with a lot of red-purple tones. I tend to like my hair darker and redder than it naturally is.

I have gotten my hair professionally dyed in the past. It’s nice. You get better all-over color. You don’t have a huge mess in your bathroom when you’re done. It usually lasts longer. But the truth is I really don’t love going to the hair salon if I don’t have to. And I don’t actually think the job done there is usually so significantly better than what I do at home that it justifies the difference between a $10 box of dye and a $300 hairdyeing experience.

I will say that if you’re going lighter, instead of darker, it’s worth it to go to a salon. I’ve done bleaching and blonde hair dye at home and it fries your head. Darker at home is fine; lighter not so much.

The Conditioner Issue

So when you dye your hair at home, the box comes with a little tube of conditioner. You’re usually supposed to use half the day you dye your hair and the other half a week or two later. This hair conditioner is amazing. It is always thick and creamy. It’s the richest hair dye I’ve ever gotten. Even when you get the cheapest possible $3 box of hair dye, the conditioner is this terrifically luscious stuff.

I have searched high and low to try to find a thick, creamy, moisturizing conditioner similar to what comes in those boxes and I swear it doesn’t exist. I’ve bought most of the brands on the basic store shelves. I’ve bought several different luxury high-end conditioner brands that you can only get at expensive salons. I’ve found some good stuff but nothing that is similar to the stuff that comes in the hair dye boxes. What’s the story behind this mystery?!

Has anyone else noticed this?!

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