Arts and Smarts: Link Love!

Of all of the smart and creative blog posts I read this week, these are the links to the ones I thought you shouldn’t miss!

Quote of the Week

We reject what we cannot understand. We nurture grudges. We highlight small differences. It is essential for us to see that each point of human contact can be an act of love, an opportunity to stoke a fire. A chance to shrug off those temptingly warm blankets of suspicion and frustration that seem to cling so easily to us during the course of our static electric days. We can find the small moments of openness, of vulnerability, of humility in any interaction. We can capitalize on moments of extension, of conversations and connections that feel authentic at a gut level.”

This is from the same @rebelletweet post by Hannah Coakley that I excerpted earlier this week in the post called More Love is Better. It’s such a powerful post about love and humanity.

This Week’s Favorite

petel design

SF Girl By Bay shares: “julie and ibrahima’s story began in 2000 when they met working with the peace corps in mauritania, and fell in love communicating in french and pulaar (the fulani language). inspired by other cultures and places they’ve been, from paris to algeria and beyond, they’ve created a new business together — petel, in san francisco.” @sfgirlbybay has the whole story and lots of lovely images of what these people make.

Mental Health and The Brain

“New research highlights a memory strategy that may help people who suffer from depression in recalling positive day-to-day experiences,” explains @psychscience

The Surprising Power of an Emotional Memory Palace. Via @psyblog

5 Reasons to Focus on Flow. By @BridgetGC for Positive Psychology News Daily

Research: 5 Major Mental Disorders (autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depression and schizophrenia) share genetic roots. Via @nimhgov

The Autistic Child: More Than Meets The Eye. Via @brainblogger

Why are some people disgusted by horsemeat? Psychological research via APS

People and Relationships


Girl Muscle: Confessions of a Novice Power Lifter. By Kaly Thayer via @rebelletweet

How Bad Relationships Can Damage Immune Systems and Make Us Sick! Via @mailonline

Language Considerations in Counseling when Working with Bicultural Couples via @counselingviews

Studies in Chaos and Order. @wrayherbert of HuffPo explains that the researcher “wondered if perhaps environmental order and disorder are both functional, activating different, but equally valuable, mindsets. Maybe what we disparage as messiness — maybe this physical state contributes to a varied world, and perhaps it’s variety that’s most important in shaping human thinking and action.”

Travel and Places


San Francisco Parks, a roundup from @thebolditalic that includes some I didn’t know about even though I’ve visited lots of San Francisco Parks!

almond trees flowering

@creativejmom shared so many beautiful photos of the almond trees flowering in Northern Israel


Lucy over at Attic 24 did a terrific post about Whitby in Winter with lots of beautiful photos and great info

paris france photos

Wood and Wool Stool shared lots of great photos from Paris, France this week

guggenheim museum

Interesting addition proposed for Guggenheim Museum, could be controversial, via @weburb

Art, Design, Creativity

floating stairways

“Mysterious flights of stairs float in mid-air or form elevated outdoor walkways in this series of installations by artists Lang/Baumann,” explains @dezeen

photo collage

Paper Collage Art by Dilcia Giron; she has shared tons of great images lately featuring transformations of the head and face – worth checking out!

needle felting craft book

@NotebookfromHom did a guest post for @whipup reviewing Felted Feathered Friends: Techniques and Projects for Needle-felted Birdsby Laurie Sharp

sew red project

Anna Maria Horner wrote about the Sew Red project, a sewing-related project from the same folks (@jimmybeasnswool) who are doing the Crochet Red project all to raise awareness about heart health


mobile phone apps

Xpression, a phone app that will monitor depressed individuals and call their doctors if needed

Other Smart Stuff

The Economist has a short but fascinating piece on the work of physicist Chaoming Song who creates mathematical models to predict your future location based on your mobile phone and online activity. His accuracy rarely drops below 80%.” Via @mindhacksblog

Happy Weekend and Happy Reading. Link love is featured here every Saturday so come back next week for more!

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