Camelot at SF Playhouse

Camelot at SF Playhouse

A couple of months back I went to go see Camelot on its preview night. It was playing at SF Playhouse, one of San Francisco’s local theaters.

I Didn’t Know the Camelot Story

I’m a little shy to admit that I actually didn’t really knot the story of Camelot before the play. I’m sure at some point I’d heard of King Arthur and The Round Table. I didn’t actually even put together that it was the same story as the story of Camelot until I watched the play. The truth is I really find historical period pieces pretty boring in most mediums and I don’t seek them out but that said I liked this play.

Actually, it’s a Musical

I probably liked it more because it’s a musical and not a play. I’m a sucker for campy singing. I wish everyone just burst into song in real life like they do in musicals. :)

It’s described on the SF Playhouse website:

“Camelot is the timeless and powerful love triangle between legendary King Arthur, his Queen Guenevere and his best friend Lancelot. With one of Broadway’s most enchanting scores featuring the hauntingly romantic “If Ever I Would Leave You”, “I Loved You Once in Silence”, and “Follow Me”, Camelot is the definitive musical theatre fable.”

The Theater

The theater is in a Union Square hotel that has some pretty furnishings to enjoy when you walk in:




The theater itself is two floors (first floor and mezzanine). It’s a cute space, mid-sized for San Francisco theaters.


sfplayhouse roof

Fun fact: apparently it used to be a morgue, according to the bartender who was working that night.

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