2014: My Year of Story

In one of the many New Years blog posts that I read in the past week I saw the suggestion to try to choose a single word to encapsulate your hopes and wishes for the new year. I took my time thinking about what I wanted my word to be. Some of the ones that I considered but that weren’t quite right included “juicy”, “wholeness” and “presence.” When I kept working on my thoughts and hopes and ideas for 2014 I finally landed on the right word: STORY.

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The Stories I Tell Myself

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stories I tell myself. We all tell ourselves stories constantly to help us organize our thoughts about what is happening in our lives, in our relationships, in our worlds. The stories are valuable and necessary. They give us information and help us make decisions. But they are limited, they are incomplete and therefore they are untrue. It is increasingly important to me to dismantle the stories that I tell myself, especially the stories about my own self, and to therefore see a larger picture of my world.

What Is My Story?

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I have also been thinking about my story in a different way. What is the story of my life? What do I want to say my story was at the end of my days? What can I do now, what do I need to change, in order to make that story true?

Story as Career

As a writer, I work in story. I organize my ideas through stories. I write stories to share my experience of the world. I want to always write stories and to expand my ability to write stories and to look at new ways of telling stories through spoken and written communication. I want to be intentional about how I use stories, to understand and respect their power.

Self-Exploration Through Story

And so I want 2014 to be my year of story. I want to look at the role that story has played in my life, the way it has shaped me both positive negative. I want to look at the value of story. I want to explore how story is part of my world psychologically, interpersonally and professionally. I want to know more about what story really means for me. I want to both create and deconstruct my own story.

What is the word that defines what your 2014 is going to be about?

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