Flashback: My 2007 Site

I’ve been having a lot of fun looking at some of my old websites using the Wayback Machine. Here’s what my main professional website looked like in its first incarnation in 2007:

kathryn vercillo writing 2007

I’d forgotten that I used the tagline “real words from a real writer”. I don’t use that anymore but I do like it!kathryn vercillo writing 2007

I still use the same Martha Graham quote on my website today. It’s my favorite quote of all time and remains true to the core of what I believe as a creative spirit.kathryn vercillo writing 2007

The top half of this description still rings true although it’s not what I would use to describe myself today. My approach to self-description is different but the core stuff in me is still the same. What’s not true is that I’m no longer taking on too many new projects and I rarely do web content, ghost writing or consulting anymore. I do have an interest in collaborative projects although my time is limited right now as a grad student and professional writer.


kathryn vercillo writing 2007

I never did write the guide to Alternative Home Building, although I took the draft and cut it up into smaller articles on green building, published mostly on Hubpages. I published Crochet Saved My Life and am now at work on Hook to Heal.kathryn vercillo writing 2007

It’s so interesting to look back and remember the sites that I used to blog for, my own included, and to see what’s changed over time! Now I blog mostly on my own sites (here and Crochet Concupiscence), doing guest posts on other sites at times.kathryn vercillo writing 2007 kathryn vercillo writing 2007

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