Mom’s Wonderful Visit

It’s been quiet all week on the blog because my mom came to visit and I was too busy enjoying her company to get on the site. In addition to just spending time together and talking about tons of things, we packed in a lot of San Francisco fun.

mom and lucy We spent a lot of time with Lucy – walks, parks, playdates

wave organWe walked over to the Wave Organgeese

Saw the swans at Palace of Fine Artsdisney museum Visited the new-ish Disney Museum for the first timeliving roofCalifornia Academy of Sciences
okeefe art exhibit Georgia O’Keefe exhibit at DeYoung Museumleidesdorff CityGuides SF Gold Rush History Walking Toursmitten ice cream Smitted liquid nitrogen ice creamlucy eating ice creamSharing that ice cream with Lucy :)
basketball game Watched the basketball game at Thai Stickcakes Lovely dinner at a friend’s housesunday dinner Dinner Party at My House for St. Patrick’s DaybabysittingSpending time with a friend’s baby
Golden Gate Bridge Boat tour under the Golden Gate Bridgesea lions Pier 39 Sea Lionscastle winery Castello di Amorosa wine tasting and touryugen Sha Sha Higby Solo Dance Performance at Theatre of Yugen / NOHSpacebeachOcean Beach

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