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I am curating a boutique over on, a new artisan shopping site that had its grand opening online last week. I wanted to share with you some of the things that you’ll find if you visit my boutique. There are items in crochet, soft goods, textiles and fiber art. Crochet Items

In my crochet section, I have added unique crochet items carefully collected into one creative space. Example:

crochet necklace Check out My Boutique

Lariat-style cotton crochet necklace by Kelli Ronci, a fair trade product from Bolivian Artisans Soft Goods

In Soft Goods I have a carefully curated collection of cozy, comforting creations. Examples:

needle felting Check out My Boutique

Needle-felted sweets craft kit by Assemble Shop and Studio

napkins Check out My Boutique

Hand-painted linen cocktail napkins by A Sensible Habit

kangaroo toy kit Check out My Boutique

Kangaroo toy craft kit by Cynthia Treen Textiles

In this section I’ve collected a set of beautiful, functional, creative, useful textiles for the home and body. Examples:

wrap Check out My Boutique

Cashmere Wrap by Everyday Cashmere

9188efc3 1024x680 Check out My Boutique

Handmade Cotton Towel by Alisa Curiel Fiber Art

Beautiful pieces of fiber art – crochet, knitting, macrame, soft sculptre, textiles and more. Examples:

cotton prints Check out My Boutique

Framed cotton prints by Laura Hughes

frida doll Check out My Boutique

Hand painted mixed media Frida Kahlo doll by Olivia Thomas

You can find links to buy any of these items and more in my boutique!

Screen shot 2014 05 14 at 1.32.15 PM Check out My Boutique

I’m seeking new makers, especially crocheters, to add products to the site so that I can add them to my shop and try to sell them for you. If you’re interested, visit, apply as a Maker and when you get accepted let me know so I can check out your stuff.

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