Goats That Climb Trees

tree goats

I don’t know a whole lot about Morocco. It looks like a beautiful, interesting place from what I do know but I confess that most of what I know is limited to random clips on travel shows (and other shows, like when America’s Next Top Model went there) and some research done for a crochet retreat held in Marrakech twice each year. Still, I can’t believe I didn’t know about the tree-climbing goats there!

My beaux’s sister just went on vacation in Morocco and that’s how I learned about the Argan tree, which is native to that area and only grows in a limited place there. It’s a tree species that the local goats actually climb up into to feed. According to what the tour guide told them,¬†they drop the tree’s seeds to the ground and those seeds are collected to make oil that is then used for a number of different things.

I love goats. I don’t watch many animal videos online but when I do they’re often of goats. The fainting goats were previously my favorite but now I’m a little in love with the tree-climbing goats.

Sadly, the tour guide apparently told them that natural gas has just been discovered underneath much of these rare trees. Hydraulic fracking plans are reportedly in the works, which could definitely disrupt the tree life and the lives of those goats. I hope that something shifts so that doesn’t happen!

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