Upcoming: Patterns at The New Stage


There’s an upcoming performance here in San Francisco that I’m keeping my eye on. It’s called Patterns is part of the emerging theatre called The New Stage. The performance will be held at The Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavilion at the French American International High School.

This is a one-woman show. I love solo performances, especially when there are multiple characters, which is the case here. I just think it takes immense talent as well as confidence to do this kind of performance.


The 23-year-old performer, Amy Munz, is also the founder of The New Stage. It’s a new, upcoming venue in San Francisco that looks to be intriguing and refreshing:

I’m also intrigued by the multimedia element of the show. The website says, “A paradigm shifting show, PATTERNS uses wall-size video projections unlike any live performance before it by surrounding the audience with an awe-inspiring panoramic view of love in life.”


And a description of the plot elaborates: Amelia’s voice, vintage footage, and scenes shot in Munz’ studio complement the audio visual worlds of the three main characters, Amot, Abigail and Ava, bridging connections and amplifying the emotions that move us all.”


Patterns starts in one month (July 16th) and runs for one month (until August 16th). I’ll be going to one of the early performances and will keep you posted on my thoughts.

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