Santa Cruz Silliness

The Santa Cruz boardwalk always feels so much like “summer” to me. It’s on a beach where people actually go in the water. It’s the kind of tourist attraction that you go to when you’re not from California and you want to see California. I don’t go often but when I go I like to play there.

img 3664 Santa Cruz SillinessLaffing Sal
img 3665 Santa Cruz SillinessInside the mini golf

img 6843 Santa Cruz Silliness Pier and fog in Pacifica on the drive downimg 7041 Santa Cruz Silliness Pacman candy above – which actually came from the Cartoon Art Museum, not Santa Cruz but is fitting with the picture below showing that yet again I got the high score on a Ms Pacman machine.img 3660 Santa Cruz Silliness

pinit fg en rect gray 28 Santa Cruz Silliness
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