Color Me Badd at Monarch

coloring date

My beaux and I originally met on the How About We dating site. A few months ago, we joined their relatively new site for couples where you pay a monthly fee and get a┬ámonthly date for free along with discounts on various dates. We’ve done some fun things through them although I’m not sure it’s worth the $18 monthly fee. A recent example of that was our date at Monarch, which was a fun date but not worth the $18 we paid just to get a free date for the month.

Color Me Badd

random coloring art

The date was called Color Me Badd and was supposed to be a date for two at happy hour at Monarch. It was advertised as having 90’s slow jams and risque coloring plus two free vodka drinks. I assumed that there would be dancing since I’ve been to the two-level bar before but the bottom level with the dance floor was actually closed so it was just lounging. The music wasn’t danceable anyway; there were no slow jams and whatever was playing was more in the family of heavy metal than anything nostalgic.

coloring date


The bartender only sort of seemed to know what the How About We date was about. He said we could each get a beer, wine or well drink. We ordered a lemon drop and a vodka cranberry. They tried to charge us for the lemon drop because apparently that’s a cocktail and not a vodka drink but when we complained the bartender said we could just have it as our free drink. I will say that the drinks weren’t bad for well drinks. But they weren’t really worth $9 each either, especially since Monarch has some really, really good specialty cocktails that are only a few bucks more.

coloring date


They did bring out coloring books and crayons and colored pencils. There were a variety of coloring options, some adult, some kids’ coloring books. And actually, that part was kind of fun. We sat and colored and talked and it was a nice date. Nothing wrong with it and I had a great time. But we could bring our own coloring books to happy hour for the same experience. All in all, a good date but not necessarily worth using as our How About We monthly free date.

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