Cross Stitch Art by Sara Christensen Blair

Awhile ago I featured the crochet art of Sara Christensen Blair on my Crochet Concupiscence blog. But she also does a variety of other fiber art including this great cross stitch art. All of the ones below except the first one are self-portrait images of the artist:

fiber art fiber art fiber art fiber art fiber art

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There are times when I have to paint fast before the paint dries, encouraging the colors to mix and blend. Other times I carefully and patiently fill in the lines with thin glazes, creating patterns that move the eye playfully in and out and over the surface of the canvas. Often I begin to bring the background shapes into the foreground by outlining them in strong colors. The pale reflection that should have remained in shadow suddenly floats boldly on the surface, disturbing our visual expectations.

Throughout this process I stand back every so often to check and see what the painting requires next. I may stay with a single canvas for several days, or work on two or three at a time. The closer I come to the finish, the more time I spend looking and the less painting.

When is the painting finished? Sometimes I know immediately when I stand back, other times I hang it on a white wall and live with it for a week before I know for sure. If it is not finished, something about it will make me uneasy-perhaps the composition or balance of color, or a particular section that needs reworking. When I like the painting more each time I see it, then I know it's done.