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I write for a lot of blogs. I write a lot of different blog posts, including at least one post per day on my own craft blog – Crochet Concupiscence. I keep active on a lot of social media accounts. Plus I follow the feeds of several hundred other blogs and try to share my favorites through link love and social media posts. I do most of this by hand and I do all of it myself but the only way that I can do that is to have the right tools at my disposal to keep it organized and efficient. Postcron is one of the tools that I use.

What is Postcron?

Postcron is a social media app that allows you to easily post various things from around the web to several of the major social media sites. You can add your Twitter, G+ and Facebook (profile, pages and groups). I’ve got 8 accounts set up:

postcron social accountsI can easily pick a post and decide which accounts I want to share it to. (What you see there are my personal and professional Facebook pages and profile, one of my Facebook groups, my two Twitter accounts and one G+ account).

Advance Scheduling

I like this tool because it allows me to send a bunch of posts out at once but set them so that they are scheduled to trickle into my accounts instead of overwhelming my followers. This is so important because I often use the first hour of the morning to blast out links to all of my posts from the day as well as to read through my feed reader and send out the links I think other people will like. If I sent them all at once, I’d lose followers. If I had to go back into the pages every hour to send them out manually, I’d never send as many as I do. Auto-schedule is crucial for an efficient social media posting system. It’s still personalized because I select and set up all of the posts myself.

You can share your status, photo and/ or links. You can go into your settings and set up all of the various times that you would like to be your “scheduled times”, which can be different each day of the week and different for each account. It’s all totally customizable. (So for example I have it scheduled so that things go out much more frequently to my Twitter accounts than my G+). When I set a post to send, I can choose to schedule in the next open slot on my scheduled times or to “post now” or to pick a specific day and time to send that specific post.

Review Past and Future Posts

All of your posts for each of the accounts can be found in your dashboard. Sometimes I forget if I’ve sent something out so I can just go to the dashboard, select the account I’m wondering about and browse through my posts. You can look at the “past” posts for each account as well as the scheduled “future” posts.

Twitter Content Recommendations

Postcron has some additional built-in tools that are kind of neat. One of them is their tool for Twitter content recommendations where you choose keywords and Twitter accounts to follow and get recommendations of the related content from those accounts that you might want to ReTweet.

Other Features


A couple of their other neat features include:

  • Adding watermarks to any of your accounts. You can choose different watermarks for each account.
  • Connect accounts to any or all of your social accounts.
  • Bookmarklet. You drag this to your toolbar and then you can just click on it anytime that you want to share a page that you’re on and your Postcron box will pop up so that you can set the post to send to whichever accounts you desire.
  • Automatic link shortening. You can select this option to reduce the length of links on your posts.
  • Image uploading. You can use the images that come up from the page but you can also add an image of your choosing to any post by pasting in its URL.

Various Account Levels


I use one of the paid versions of Postcron since I do a lot of posting from many different accounts. However, they do offer a free version and they offer several levels of paid accounts so that you can choose the one that best matches your posting needs and your budget. You can pay monthly but if you pay for a year at a time then you get a discount. The advanced accounts designed for businesses allow multiple people in a team to work from the account.

More About Postcron

I’ve found the team at Postcron to be helpful and supportive. I’ve never had any problems using the tool. This is important because I’ve used a lot of scheduling tools over the years and there have been problems with a large majority of them. Postcron is a professional business with a strong technological backbone that seems to work correctly and efficiently at all times. You can learn more about them and get some great social media tips from the Postcron Blog.


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