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This blog is filled with the thoughts, ideas, tips and interests of an arguably smart chick who thrives on learning and exploring new things. One of the best things about being a smart girl in the modern world is that there is no end to the number of things that you can inquire into … and many of the avenues that you might want to explore are available right at your fingertips.

To many people this blog seems haphazard … it’s not designed as a niche blog intended to explain just one topic. Instead, this blog moves from topic to topic; it follows the stream of consciousness of a girl who can never settle her mind on just one thing. The common thread in all these posts is that something about the topic appealed to the smart side of me and made me want to know more. What I hope is that other smart people who like to learn about many, many, many different things will see a hint of themselves in these posts. I hope the blog encourages you to follow the tangents your mind takes an interest in and to never stop learning no matter how many of your days go by.

A little bit more about me …

I am one of those girls who was always just a little bit too smart for her own good (and sometimes the good of others!) I was always just a little bit too inquisitive so I would annoy my teachers and classmates. I was always interested in those things that are just a little bit risque and weird enough to make me the kind of smart girl that didn’t really fit in with the nerds. My entire life has been a dance as I’ve tried to choreograph the steps of smartness and the steps of being a real-life girl interested in real-life things. It’s a dance that hasn’t always been simple but the complexity has always been fun.

It wasn’t until I’d finally been working in the web writing world for about five years that I really felt like I had found a niche where my smarts and my natural interest in things that aren’t inherently “smart” things came to blend together into a full life. The resulting discussion of those topics that interest me is what takes place on this blog. This blog is a place for me to compile links to all of the various smart things that I’m writing about around the web – and to share links to other smart things that I really like reading about. It’s an extension of my own thoughts as I meander through the things I find interesting in the world.

This blog covers a wide range of different topics but each of them will generally fall into one of the following twelve smart categories (or a subcategory within them):

  1. Technology.
  2. Business and Marketing.
  3. Web Writing and Web 2.0.
  4. Real Estate and Mortgages.
  5. Personal Finance.
  6. Travel.
  7. Urban Living and Trends.
  8. Green Living.
  9. Relationships.
  10. Health and Diet.
  11. Arts/Creativity/Design.
  12. Music.

I chose to organize the posts into those categories because these are the topics I write about most in my blogging work. You can learn more about my work in web writing and blogging (and book authoring and other projects) at www.kathrynvercillo.com.

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2012 Update …

I’ve had this blog for a couple of years now. It’s been many things including a place where I allowed random guest posts when I wasn’t actively posting anything else. However, starting in 2012 I’ve decided to refresh its purpose. You see, I used to keep a daily or at least regular journal in my “real life” but I haven’t been doing that lately. The paper journal doesn’t seem to work for me right now but blogging does so this blog truly has become, in 2012, a new journal of my life. I hope that by sharing my personal thoughts and photos and life updates that I’ll be able to present information that’s of interest to others while keeping track of my own personal history. Enjoy!

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your comments about being a little bit too smart, inquisitive, and daring for my own good.  my lovely daughter is the same way.  as an adult, i have also come to understand that many of the 'girlie' ways of women are beyond my comprehension, including the fact that i have no idea how to fight like a girl.  i have no sisters and almost no female first cousins.  i much preferred the company of males when i was growing up - and i often still do.  that doesn't make me a 'hater'.  rather, it's just an explanation for much of what we might call personality.  i knew, for instance, from a very early age that i'd have to find a guy smarter than me if i was going to respect my husband.  and, i did!  my daughter is in the same boat.  it's not that i'm not feminine in many ways as i am, but, as my friend DJ puts it so nicely, 'there's a 12 year old boy inside of me trying to find his way out'. yep!  i'm still a tomboy and have never quite figured out how to NOT be curious, smart, investigative.  and, i have come to love and accept myself just the way i am.  i actually never wanted a daughter.  i wanted all boys.  i had the 2 boys then, fortunately i was given the wonderful, magical gift of my daughter who is now 29.  i'm so grateful that God knew better than me what i needed, what was good for me, and that i could be a good mother to a girl as well as my boys.

thanks for all your insights.  keep writing - growing, and evolving!


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@jdwln320 This made me think of a book my dad has been enjoying by Lynn Yamaguchi called Tomboys - an anthology of tomboy stories. I haven't read it myself but dad says he loves it.

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