Tough Month-ish. Back On Track.

The past month or so has been tough on me, but it finally feels like I’m starting to get my head above water again. I’ve shared a few of the big things that happened (my medication mishap, my grandmother’s passing).

The other things that occurred were not as big as these things. In fact, they were relatively small in the big scheme of things but it just seemed like it was one thing on top of another thing and I couldn’t catch my breath.

I made a mistake with an article that I wrote, sending in a draft instead of a finished item and the draft got published to my great dismay since it wasn’t anything like the finished article was. I had a Google issue where they decided my crochet blog was violating some term of agreement and pulled my ads (and therefore income) and it took me awhile to figure out how to fix it. I had a confrontation of sorts with a friend about my inability to connect well during this time.

Considering how tough the month was, I felt like I handled it pretty well. I went back to the basics. I made sure I was eating well and trying to sleep enough and being as gentle on myself as possible. I reached out and let the people close to me know that I was having a hard time, even though I wasn’t sure what I wanted from them in the way of help or support. I tried to remember that it was just a rough patch and would get better, even though I didn’t quite believe it at the time.

The worst of it seems to be over. I finally get health insurance starting November 1st, which relieves a lot of the medical issues. I re-designed my crochet blog and am happy with the results (and I’ll be looking at a site re-design here in the near future as well). I rested when I needed to rest and am getting more productive now that I’ve got a little more energy.

Life is ups and downs.

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