History of Gaming (Infographic)

The story of Gaming has seen some interesting milestones in history. Its evolution is both exciting and eclectic. One of history’s most enigmatic generals, Napoleon, loved the game of Blackjack, while fiction’s most commercial commodity, James Bond, has often been associated with Baccarat.

This and more facts are available in the info-graphic from http://www.gamingclub.com/au below. It traces the important dates in the progression of one of mankind’s oldest, fun and at times very enriching past times.

gamingclub history of gaming jpeg 276x1024 History of Gaming (Infographic)

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Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

IMG 2803 e1391017955486 1013x1024 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

A little while back I decided to donate to a Kickstarter project called the Blue Lace Project. I just got my laces in the mail and it reminded me that I wanted to write about this.

IMG 2798 1024x764 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

I pledged enough to get my own set of Bluelaces. Described on Kickstarter: “A super-premium waxed canvas piece built strong enough to pull a truck, but destined for so much more. In addition to supporting an American factory on the ropes, you’ll be helping send a message to retailers that, if they stock the right premium American made products, there are still customers who care.”IMG 2799 1024x764 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

This was a nice bonus for me because these particular canvas shoes have been without laces for years so I almost never wear them. Yes, I could’ve bought laces but I never did. Til now. I got “a triple-dense, double-waxed canvas lace, tipped in Aluminum. … They’re certainly light-years ahead of whatever cheap lace came pre-loaded in your imported sneakers.”IMG 2800 1024x764 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

And doing that allowed me to support the project. The idea here is that the blue laces will become a recognizable symbol like a “yellow ribbon” to help support American manufacturing.IMG 2801 1024x764 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American Manufacturing

Some stats:

“According to printed reports, the United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.

According to the US Department of Commerce, every $1 spent on American made products fuels another $1.40 in spending elsewhere in the US economy.

According to The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, on average, 1,276 manufacturing jobs were lost every day for the past 12 years.

According to Diane Sawyer and ABC World News, if each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs.”

IMG 2802 1024x764 Kickstarted: Blue Lace Project and American ManufacturingFor school I’ve been reading some articles about the impact of the loss of jobs to globalization, not just the impact on individuals but on whole communities and societies. Specifically I’ve been reading about racism in America and it’s link to exportation of skilled labor jobs. I don’t have a fully formed thought to articulate about this yet but can say that I’m increasingly interested in this important issue.

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Thoughts on Being on a Jury

I recently went and participated in a mock jury trial. It was a fun experience but I have to say that I came away thinking two main things: #1 – I’m glad I didn’t finish law school and #2 – I really don’t believe in the jury trial system.

mock jury Thoughts on Being on a Jury

The mock jury takes place in a hotel. Each juror gets assigned to a different room; some rooms have the same case (with different lawyers, obviously) and some have different cases. Most are civil cases but I think there was one criminal case. Each case ends up having about 6-8 mock juors. Basically the point is for lawyers who are inexperienced with trials to gain experience and practice their skills and get feedback about the process from the judges and from the jurors.

mock jury 9 Thoughts on Being on a Jury

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Infographic Book on One Billion Entrepreneurs

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? There is a fairly good chance considering that it’s predicted that the number of entrepreneurs is expected to climb to one billion by 2020. Anna Vital believe that those entrepreneurs will want to get information through infographics instead of traditional means. Check this out:

Anna Vital was inspired to write a book via infographic format in part because she has always loved to learn but she struggles with dyslexia and so finds traditional reading to be very difficult. She didn’t let that hold her back; she knows multiple languages and completed law school, but she wants to reach the kind of people who have difficulties like hers with the information they might want about becoming an entrepreneur. She tried to get funding on Kickstarter to create this book but failed, which is too bad because she did get more than $16,000 but she was asking for $100,000.

Anna does a lot of other work with visual information for startups, though. Check out San Francisco-based Funders and Founders to see more of what she does.

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Bay Area Small Business: Makers/ Crafters Video Series

Little Paper Planes is a Bay Area based online store that also serves as a community for artists. They have lots of pretty products and a beautiful blog filled with terrific examples of great art and design. They recently co-launched a video/ multimedia series called Working Title that I’m loving.

They recently explained that Working Title is:

“a collaboration between KQED and Little Paper Planes, hosted by Kelly Lynn Jones of LPP and Andrew Martin Scott, co-owner of Needles and Pens. Through this program, which will include videos, interviews, articles, and essays, we will explore how local artist-entrepreneurs are re-inventing the American Dream, creating alternative economies and redefining success in the Bay Area.”

Needles and Pens is a cute little store in The Mission that I’ve stopped into more than once. They have zines there and it’s the kind of place I totally fantasized my own zines in 10+ years ago when I was an indie zine maker. I’m also a fan of the handcrafted jewelry that’s there; I’ve personally bought a few of their feather-decorated hair clips.

I love what Kelly says in the first video when she says, “There’s a subtle movement happening out there; people are choosing more unconventional career paths in order to have greater control of their lives. They’re re-engaging with artisanal craftsmanship … they are once again making things with their own hands and managing to sustain themselves while doing it.” Each episode celebrates one of these people.

The first episode is about Jay Nelson, a self-taught artist who builds tree houses:

The second episode is about Atelier Dion, a husband-and-wife-owned ceramics fabrication business:

I’m looking forward to seeing this program develop over time!

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Infographic: Female Entrepreneurs Around the Nation

I loved looking at the information about female entrepreneurs in this Visually infographic.

female entrepreneurs 512127c73927d w587 Infographic: Female Entrepreneurs Around the Nation

Things I thought were interesting:

  • California has about twice as many female entrepreneurs as the next closest states on the list, which are Texas and New York. They are mostly concentrated in Los Angeles.
  • Although Illinois it not among the top three states when it comes to the number of women entrepreneurs, the city of Chicago is within the top three metro areas in the nation for this.
  • Women are more likely than men to start with a lower capital investment and not to borrow money as they expand.
  • Women are interested in health care and social assistance; the largest number of female entrepreneurs are in this sector.

Are you a woman who owns a business? Feel free to share your website link in the comments here. Visit the other women who comment to support each other in our efforts! My main professional page is www.kathrynvercillo.com.

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Friday Fun Infographic: Business Cards are Still in Business

I’m sharing this infographic, found on Visual.ly, for several reasons:
  • The topic interests me. I have business cards but I never know quite how to use them and have often wondered about their relevance in today’s society.
  • It includes several interesting things. History, tips and etiquette when it comes to business cards; I found it fascinating!
  • I love the color scheme. It’s basically black and white with the right color blue/green just looks really great I think.
  • I adore the inclusion of the “runway trends”. Not necessarily relevant to anything but just a fun addition to the infographic.
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Midland Display Products Site Review

midland display Midland Display Products Site Review

I’ve been given the opportunity to give a review of the website for Midland Display Products, a site that sells tools for people who do trade show displays. For full disclosure, I’m being paid for my review but the review itself is an honest one.

About Midland Display

Midlands Display has been in business for more than two decades selling products to help trade show sellers improve their displays. This is an important job. After all, without a good display, you’re never going to sell your items at trade shows no matter how good the items are. This company offers everything from table top displays to hanging banners. They also offer a free booth design service to help you create your own displays in different sizes.

5 Things I Love About This Site

  1. They offer a “tip of the day”. It’s designed to give you ideas for improving your trade show displays. I think this is smart and helpful and isn’t common on sites like these so I love it.
  2. They include a Pantone color chart on the site. This is a tool that a lot of people use when designing their displays so it’s nice that they offer it on site instead of requiring you to go look for one yourself.
  3. It’s a fast and responsive site. There is a lot of information here about a lot of products and it’s tough to keep a big site like that working quickly so it’s nice that they do a good job here.
  4. They offer a live chat feature through the site. I love the option to ask quick questions via online chat and appreciate that they offer this.
  5. The search feature includes a max price option. It’s good to be able to sort through what’s on the site but is still within your budget.

If I Could Change The Site

I think the site is a good one but there are always things that can be improved on any site. Here’s what I’d change if I was hired to improve the site:

  • A sort by price feature. The “max price” tool in the search area helps with this but I always like a good Amazon-style sort by high or low price feature.
  • Pages that show recommended displays for different types of sellers. For example, something that shows the top sellers to craft vendors or the best displays for a consumer electronics business. What would be the best option for me in my niche? I’ll note that on their home page they do indicate this a bit. For example, they say that the Trade Show Truss is “a choice if looking for a modern, techy appearing trade show truss display.” But I’d love a more detailed showing of this.
  • Some video of displays. I think video is a top feature on sites these days and I’d love to see 360 views of the displays in action.

What Qualifies Me To Do This Review

I thought you might want to know what makes me feel qualified to do this review. It’s a basic website review and I do look at a lot of websites so that’s a start. But honestly I’ve actually done a ton of writing about trade show displays and trade show apps in the past so I’ve looked at many sites like these and that’s why I felt qualified to give my two cents.

What do you think are the most useful tools for a trade show display?

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Smart Job Opportunity

thinking businesswoman 300x199 Smart Job Opportunity

While browsing through freelance writing job ads this morning I came across one on Craigslist that impressed me. So many of the freelance jobs out there are super basic. They are about writing keywords. They are about generating how to guides. These jobs can also be smart and challenging but it just intrigued me that there’s a job out there that really asks you to go above and beyond to do some smart research and smart writing. I’m actually not planning to apply for the job for various reasons but I wanted to share the ad because I loved how smart it was!

“EvolvedEmployer.com is looking at corporate responsibility from a new perspective. It’s not about marketing and it’s not about greenwashing – it’s about attracting and retaining the best workforce possible. We need experienced freelance writers to research and analyze what today’s Fortune 500 companies are doing to keep their best employees happy in an era of dual career households, new technologies, global footprints, and a growing focus on the planet. Are you a great writer with industry contacts? Please send a resume and writing sample. Experience in HR, Diversity, Training, Talent Management, CSR, corporate sustainability, corporate philanthropy is desired but not necessary.”

Do you see many jobs advertised that really ask you to think?

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