Sand Painting Art

Just enjoying this today:

Spotted via Weburbanist, which always has cool stuff.

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Disney Museum

During my mom’s visit we went to the Disney Museum. It opened a few years ago but I hadn’t been to it, yet, so it was cool to check it out. There are ten rooms of exhibits, each focusing on a different part of Disney’s life and work. Each room has tons of photos, videos and information. You could probably spend all day there if you wanted to! They also have a theater (playing Cinderella when we were there) although we didn’t check it out this time around.

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What is Your Vision of the Future?

Screen shot 2014 01 29 at 12.03.43 PM 1024x472 What is Your Vision of the Future?

Swissnex has an interactive website up now called My Future Vision. When you go to it, you’ll see how different people have very briefly finished the statement … “My vision of the future is …”

Screen shot 2014 01 29 at 12.04.03 PM What is Your Vision of the Future?

Each time that you go to it you’ll see different responses. You can add your own responses in and they’ll get added to the mix that people see from time to time.

Screen shot 2014 01 29 at 12.03.53 PM What is Your Vision of the Future?

How would you answer this question in just a few words? I chose to write, “collaboration, compassion“. To be honest, I’m not sure that’s how I see the future but that is what my hope for the future is and I’d rather share the hopes and spread the optimism than share anything dark or conflicted right now.

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Speakeasy, Old Style

speakeasy old style Speakeasy, Old Style

Last week I went to a Speakeasy themed interactive play here in San Francisco. Before going we went vintage shopping in The Haight for clothes. My guy found a great tux tails outfit and collapsible top hat. I didn’t find anything so I just went with stuff I already had – a crochet cloche hat I’d made a few years ago, a glittery dress my sister had recently sent me, sparkly gloves. We made it work.

IMG 3052 Speakeasy, Old Style

The play was interesting. It started out with the instructions to go to a specific location and look for a guy holding a certian book, approaching him furtively with a secret question to get directions to the location. We walked a few blocks away to the location and had to give more secret words and a secret knock. Then we were let in.

IMG 3048 Speakeasy, Old Style

The play takes part in three different rooms. The first scene happens in the first room you go into so you’re seated (in our case, we were in the bar) and the scene unfolds. Then the scene ends and at that point you can stay in that room or wander into the other rooms (a cabaret and a back room casino). Various scenes play out in all three rooms for the rest of the night.

IMG 3051 Speakeasy, Old Style

It was a little disconcerting for me at first because the play doesn’t unfold in linear fashion and there’s no way to really have any idea of where you should be to get the best part of the story. Sometimes it was a little disorganized and there were too many people in one room so you couldn’t really see what was going on. But by the end of it I felt like I’d gotten a really unique experience.

speakeasy pair Speakeasy, Old Style

And dressing up was fun.

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Love Is a Radical Act

ceramic love plaque Love Is a Radical Act

“Love is a radical act. Taking the time to actually love someone, to truly value who they are rather than hurt them or force them to be someone else, is a radical act. To value acts of love over disposable things is a radical act. It goes against what we are taught by society.”

That quote comes from the About page of an interesting collaborative art project called Love Is A Radical Act. The photo is one of the ceramic plaques sold through this project. But it’s really the quote that interests me. Do you agree that love is a radical act? It’s a bold statement. And I’m not sure I agree actually. But I like it.

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