4D Things

Last week I went to my first 4d movie (Hunger Games) where my seat shook and the wind blew on me. I’m not usually into action movies of any kind and it definitely engaged me more. I do have to say I was disappointed that the 3D visual effects (no glasses required) weren’t very good because that would have really added the right stuff for me but all in all it was a good unique experience and a terrific glimpse into the future of entertainment.

Above you’ll see a video of the first “4d” printed dress. We’re barely starting to see 3d printing hitting the mainstream and we’re already moving on to 4d. And I love it!

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Crochet Blog Awards

Every December over on my crochet blog I do a series of daily posts recognizing my favorite crochet bloggers for the specific cool things that they are doing. One of this year’s winners, Crochetbug, wrote this very lovely post on her blog today that included the following:

“It is an absolute delight to have my work recognized by Ms. Vercillo. To say that she is tireless in her efforts to promote crochet is an understatement, and her encouragement is a reminder to me, in this season of giving, that sometimes the most important gift is the one where we acknowledge of the humanity and efforts of those around us who do the many things (large and small) that make it possible for us to carry on with our lives.”

I was so touched by the post and the sentiment!

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7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Screen shot 2014 09 18 at 12.20.36 PM 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

I’ve mentioned before that I curate a Great.ly shop, through which I try to support wonderful creative independent makers who sell unique, stylish items. Camp Cirrus is one of those makers and today I’ve got an interview with Cina to learn more about what Camp Cirrus is all about.

Screen shot 2014 09 18 at 12.21.29 PM 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Camp Cirrus on Great.ly

campcirruscushions2lisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

I have included several of the beautiful Camp Cirrus items in my Great.ly curated collections. For example, you can find at least one of the brand’s beautiful tea towels in my textiles section. Or you can find a beautifully-colored soft bucket bag in my soft goods section. Learn more about this great brand and why I support them from the interview …

7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: How did Camp Cirrus begin?

After working as a freelance designer for more than ten years I felt an urge to be more intricately involved in each part of the whole creative process – from inspiration and ideas to the ready-to-sell prodcut. We started very small in 2010 and the company has grown slowly but steadily since then. We are very happy to have resellers both in our home town Helsingborg (in the southern part of Sweden) and in other places as far away as South Korea.

teatowelRABATTENlisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: What colors are your own personal favorites?

That’s a tricky one. I use to say that I like all colours; it’s all a matter of how you put them together. I personally like when they are put together so that there is a little tension. If I really needed to choose, though, I’d say white indoors, green outdoors and accents of olive green and pink.

cushionsGREENlisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: That makes sense and I adore those color choices. I see a lot of polka dots and florals in your collection … what draws you to these graphics?

The Swedish/ Nordic/ Scandinavian design tradition is what I lean on and there you have this kind of graphic simplicity. I love the basic patterns – dots, stripes, checks and plain florals. That’s mainly what I work with and I find that the possibilities to vary these themes are endless. However I do also like other more complex design, and I like when my strict shapes are combined with other styles.

softbucketSNOlisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: This reminds me of something that you say on your site: “we like when a space or place is nice but not perfect” … Can you tell us a little bit more about what this means?

I like to think that textiles, other small stuff, art, etc. are the things that make a home nice to be in. To me it’s more important what kind of life you live in your home than how it looks in a picture. A home should be a place where all the people living there are represented in the style and I like when you see unexpected items on display beacuse they reflect the indivdiuality of the space. Colour and patterns, books and flowers and the smell of good food all combine to make a nice home if you ask me. That and a few nice people to chat with in the space are all a home really needs!

campcirruscushions1lisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: What tips do you have for people who are looking to make sure that their homes really do reflect their personal style in this way?

  • Listen to your heart.
  • Use as much colour as you dare; at least some colour is good for you!
  • Keep it simple.
  • Decorate your home for the people who live there, not to impress the guests.

A good practical tip is to make a colour scheme for the home (or a room): base colours (and woods etc.), additional colours and accents. If you are a bit uncertain about colours this is a trick that you can work with to never “choose wrong”.

cushionRUNDchililisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Q: How is Great.ly working out for you so far?

It has been a good thing both for sales and exposure. And I have found some new nice blogs and bloggers. It’s a charming and growing community of creative people.

Q: What else should we know?!

That the company is run by me and my husband Matts. We also have an office dog, Morris, who creates a laidback atmosphere at work (when he’s not barking at something!)

Want to find out more?

CAMPCIRRUStrayslisawikstrand 7 Questions with Cina of Camp Cirrus

Camp Cirrus is on Facebook and Cina is on Instagram as @cinakjellsson for those who want news and a peek at Camp Cirrus everyday life. And of course you can look for their items in my Great.ly Boutique.

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A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving

I have a lot of novelty yarn that I want to use but don’t really enjoy using in my crochet work. I thought I’d play around with weaving it. I started with this project, where I took an openwork piece of burlap mesh ribbon and wove the yarn through the holes. It’s pretty straightforward but it was a good starter project and it gave me ideas for weaving ribbon through my crochet work in the future.

img 6288 A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving img 6289 A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving img 6290 A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving img 6293 A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving img 6296 A Little Bit of Ribbon Weaving

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