Hakone Gardens

I recently went down to Hakone Gardens in Saratoga, CA for a few hours. It was a lovely little day trip getaway.

Japanese Gardens

hakone gardens Hakone Gardens

Hakone Gardens is a Japanese garden. In fact it “is the oldest Japanese and Asian estate, retreat and gardens in the Western Hemisphere”. I really love Japanese Gardens and enjoy exploring the differences between them. I’ve been to Japanese Gardens here in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, in San Diego’s Balboa Park, in Los Angeles and in Buenos Aires. And now in Saratoga.

Bamboo Garden

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Santa Cruz Silliness

The Santa Cruz boardwalk always feels so much like “summer” to me. It’s on a beach where people actually go in the water. It’s the kind of tourist attraction that you go to when you’re not from California and you want to see California. I don’t go often but when I go I like to play there.

img 3664 Santa Cruz SillinessLaffing Sal
img 3665 Santa Cruz SillinessInside the mini golf

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This MUNI Seat Thing

About a month ago I started seeing this sign on the seats at the front of the MUNI buses:

img 6902 This MUNI Seat ThingI wondered what kind of safety issue there could possibly be with those seats that I’ve used many times in the eight years that I lived here. So I turned to Google.

SFist explains: “the company that has manufactured many a Muni bus, warns its customers that “there have been three hard-braking incidents where passengers were ejected from these forward-facing seats and sustained quadriplegic injuries.” SFBG elaborates that it’s a fear of lawsuits that have caused the seats to be flipped up and permanently disabled.

It’s ridiculous. Yes, there’s a chance that if you’re sitting in that seat and there’s a sudden stop you’ll go flying and get hurt. But it seems like there’s at least an equal chance that the same thing will happen if you’re standing in front of the the flipped-up seat, which is what people now do in that space. So now there are just four less seats for sitting down on the buses.

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Scenes from Santa Cruz

I’ve only been down to Santa Cruz a few times but I always think of it as the perfect way to experience some summertime in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city itself is often chilly at this time of year but a quick pretty drive down the coast to this college town with a beach boardwalk makes for a nice summer getaway.

Antique Faire

When I went down there recently the first thing I did was check out the monthly Antique Faire downtown. It’s really more like a swapmeet but it was kind of cute to walk through and see what people were selling.

img 6858 Scenes from Santa Cruz img 6851 Scenes from Santa Cruz img 6859 Scenes from Santa Cruz

Beach Boardwalk

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Goats That Climb Trees

tree goats 679x1024 Goats That Climb Trees

I don’t know a whole lot about Morocco. It looks like a beautiful, interesting place from what I do know but I confess that most of what I know is limited to random clips on travel shows (and other shows, like when America’s Next Top Model went there) and some research done for a crochet retreat held in Marrakech twice each year. Still, I can’t believe I didn’t know about the tree-climbing goats there!

My beaux’s sister just went on vacation in Morocco and that’s how I learned about the Argan tree, which is native to that area and only grows in a limited place there. It’s a tree species that the local goats actually climb up into to feed. According to what the tour guide told them, they drop the tree’s seeds to the ground and those seeds are collected to make oil that is then used for a number of different things.

I love goats. I don’t watch many animal videos online but when I do they’re often of goats. The fainting goats were previously my favorite but now I’m a little in love with the tree-climbing goats.

Sadly, the tour guide apparently told them that natural gas has just been discovered underneath much of these rare trees. Hydraulic fracking plans are reportedly in the works, which could definitely disrupt the tree life and the lives of those goats. I hope that something shifts so that doesn’t happen!

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What You Learn Your First Year In San Francisco

IMG 4551 764x1024 What You Learn Your First Year In San Francisco

The Bold Italic recently had an article titled 25 Things You Learn Your First Year in San Francisco. It’s one of those things that resonates for locals. I thought I’d break it down into what I loved and what I passed over when I read it …

Made Me Laugh Out Loud In Agreement

  • “Make sure to step around all watery sidewalk puddles.”
  • “The people who like being naked in public aren’t always the ones you’d want to see naked in public. “
  • “There is never a simple explanation for which trash bin to use for what you’re about to throw away.”
  • “There’s a reason that Muni seat is empty while the rest of the bus is packed. “
  • Coffee is never just coffee. (Pour over? Single origin? Fair trade? Cold pressed?!)”
  • “Someone will inevitably tell you that San Francisco was so much better X years before you got here.”
  • “You’re gonna need at least five more costumes. Ideally ones that can get booze spilled on them.”

Made Me Smile Because I Get The Joke

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