Passing Under Golden Gate Bridge

During my mom’s visit last month we went on a boat ride in the San Francisco Bay. I thought I’d share my snap-by-snap photos of passing underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Even though I live here I never get tired of it!

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Bosque de los Alebrijes

DSC 6755 Bosque de los Alebrijes

I’ve shared this image before because I’ve photographed it several times when walking down Haight but I never knew anything about the artwork before. SF Weekly just shared the history and info about this piece that I now know is called Bosque de los Alebrijes.

Some of what I learned:

  • It’s by San Francisco artist Jet Martinez who has done 30+ murals in the Bay Area.
  • It was created in 2012.
  • It’s not the first piece of art in that spot.
  • “Alebrijes are Mexican wooden sculptures of fantastical creatures.”
  • The changing light through the day makes the colors look different. (I never noticed – I’ll have to keep an eye out next time!)

It’s located at 1301 Haight Street.

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Mom’s Wonderful Visit

It’s been quiet all week on the blog because my mom came to visit and I was too busy enjoying her company to get on the site. In addition to just spending time together and talking about tons of things, we packed in a lot of San Francisco fun.

IMG 4166 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit We spent a lot of time with Lucy – walks, parks, playdates

IMG 4177 764x1024 Moms Wonderful VisitWe walked over to the Wave OrganIMG 4191 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit

Saw the swans at Palace of Fine ArtsIMG 4196 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Visited the new-ish Disney Museum for the first timeIMG 4263 764x1024 Moms Wonderful VisitCalifornia Academy of Sciences
IMG 4282 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Georgia O’Keefe exhibit at DeYoung MuseumIMG 4324 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit CityGuides SF Gold Rush History Walking TourIMG 4373 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Smitted liquid nitrogen ice creamIMG 4390 764x1024 Moms Wonderful VisitSharing that ice cream with Lucy icon smile Moms Wonderful Visit
IMG 4406 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Watched the basketball game at Thai StickIMG 4422 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Lovely dinner at a friend’s houseIMG 4459 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Dinner Party at My House for St. Patrick’s DayIMG 4515 764x1024 Moms Wonderful VisitSpending time with a friend’s baby
IMG 4552 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Boat tour under the Golden Gate BridgeIMG 4578 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Pier 39 Sea LionsIMG 4640 764x1024 Moms Wonderful Visit Castello di Amorosa wine tasting and tourIMG 3224 Moms Wonderful Visit Sha Sha Higby Solo Dance Performance at Theatre of Yugen / NOHSpaceIMG 3228 Moms Wonderful VisitOcean Beach

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A Look Back at I Live Here: SF

Several years ago I participated in a wonderful photography project called I Live Here: SF. I was one of the first to participate, seeing a post on a blog looking for people willing to be photographed and to share their “San Francisco story”. That was when I met Julie. Julie went on to photograph so many wonderful local people in so many different settings in San Francisco. The collection she came up with was amazing and it was exhibited as a solo exhibit at SOMArts as well as put up for awhile at San Francisco City Hall. I was thinking about this project recently because I went to SOMArts for something else and I wanted to take a look back at my part in the project.

The Photo Shoot

The full photo shoot, done in my North Beach apartment (where I lived at the time) and around the neighborhood there can be seen on Flickr. A few of my favorite shots:

north beach bay windows A Look Back at I Live Here: SF

north beach bw A Look Back at I Live Here: SF

north beach me A Look Back at I Live Here: SF

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Edwardian Ball Maker’s Faire

IMG 2953 768x1024 Edwardian Ball Makers Faire

Last week I went to the Maker’s Faire, which is the Friday night event associated with the annual Edwardian Ball. I’d seen many photos and posts and heard tales of Edwardian Ball from others but had never been before. So I finally went and it was lovely fun.

IMG 2959 768x1024 Edwardian Ball Makers Faire

We played games. I was best at Skee-Ball. I was excited when the gal at the Shooting Range booth showed me the right way to shoot a rifle and I actually popped one balloon. I skipped the Cyclecide spinning bicycle.

IMG 2974 1024x1024 Edwardian Ball Makers Faire

We watched shows.

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Tucson Attractions, A Tourist in my Hometown

This past Christmas I went to my Tucson hometown to see my little sister graduate from college and spend the holidays with my family. While I was there I went to some of my favorite old attractions (Winterhaven, Old Tucson) but I also visited a lot of places I never actually went to when I lived there (Biosphere 2, Kitt Peak, Pima Air and Space Museum). It was lovely to play tourist in my hometown for the week.

Pima Air and Space Museum

We randomly decided to go check out this airplane museum near the air force base, which I’d never thought about going to before. My mom had been there a long time ago but she said that it’s way bigger now. It was stunning how many aircrafts were on display here in a number of different hangers, as well as outside, plus there are exhibits about the space exploration stuff. Really actually quite impressive.

DSCN1963 1024x1024 Tucson Attractions, A Tourist in my Hometown

Biosphere 2

I knew the basics about Biosphere 2 because it was a big deal when it was a living project back when I was a kid. However, I’d never been there to visit. My brother, sister and Dad had been there once before but they said that at the time there wasn’t a lot to see. We went and checked it out and they have formal tours.

You learn a bit about the history of the place. Basically there were two different groups who lived here trying to be self-sustainable inside the mini-earth that it is. There were ups and downs, which are well documented in the writings from those people. Since then it’s become a place for various kinds of research, first under one university, then as a privately owned place and now under the University of Arizona.

It was amazing to see the different environments that are built here under one roof, from a rainforest to a desert climate. And it was cool to see the underground workings of the place. It was neat and worth a visit for sure. Plus it’s a nice long drive out there (north of Tucson) and I got to enjoy lovely desert views, spotted a roadrunner and generally just felt like I was really home again.DSCN2069 1024x1024 Tucson Attractions, A Tourist in my Hometown

DSCN2074 1024x1024 Tucson Attractions, A Tourist in my Hometown

Old Tucson

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